Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp – Pocket Camp Stats Quiz now over

In order to celebrate the 1st Anniversary of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, Nintendo launched a quiz campaign on Twitter: the Pocket Camp Stats Quiz.

Every day, a new question will be posted on Twitter, and players will have to find right answer. If players get the answer right, they will receive a gift (one for each question). The rewards will be sent as Daily Log-in Bonus on the day following the announcement of the related question (at the usual app refresh time, keep an eye on the Events and Content Updates to find out when each gift comes out)!

Don’t worry if you don’t participate: everyone get the rewards, even those who did not vote (you still have to grab the rewards before it expires, though). Fun twist: all the questions are based on stats from the first year of the game!

Here’s the list of questions for the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp – Pocket Camp Stats Quiz!

Question 1

Which fish did everyone catch the most of during the past year?

  1. Horse Mackerel
  2. Squid
  3. Oliver flounder (2,338,622,653 olive flounders caught as of November 1st)
  4. Pale chub

Question 2

Which bug did everyone catch the most of during the past year?

  1. Fruit beetle
  2. Monarch butterfly
  3. Tiger butterfly (2 452 957 515 times)
  4. Horned dynastid

Question 3

What is the total amount of Bells everyone has earned so far?

  1. Less than 1 billion
  2. 1 billion to 10 billion
  3. 10 billion to 1 trillion
  4. Over 1 trillion (8,347,193,828,457 Bells)

Question 4

What is the most crafted furniture item from the past year?

  1. Amp
  2. Giant Dharma (30 821 068 times)
  3. Hedge
  4. K.K. Slider’s chair

Question 5

What is the total amount of animal requests everyone has fulfilled in the past year?

  1. between 100 millions and 1 billions
  2. between 1 billions and 5 billions
  3. berween 5 billions and 10 billions
  4. more than 10 billions (16,197,102,952 times)

Source: Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp / Nintendo (Twitter)



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