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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp – More details about Ver. 1.6.0 (Friendship Levels, Items and Contacts lists improvements)

As previously announced a few weeks ago, a brand new Software update for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp was released today. It brings the game to Ver. 1.6.0 (patch notes are this way), and provides some more welcome improvements to the game.

Let’s start with the Friendship Levels: the level cap has been raised from 20 to 25, allowing you to grow even closer to your favourite animal friends. Speaking of Animals, you can now check their theme from the main page in Contacts, but also sort them by Theme or Friendship Level. The default sorting option is Theme, and the game will revert back to that one if you close and re-open Contacts.

But it’s not just Contacts that got some sorting options: the Items List also have! Here’s the various sorting options added:


  • source
  • series
  • theme
  • number owned


  • source
  • theme
  • number owned

NB: the default sorting option is “Source”, and that’s the one the game reverts back to when you close and re-open the Item list.

Also, you can now fast-forward through conversations with animals: simply keep your finger pressed on the screen during a dialogue to skip it. Do note that you can also skip the animations that play when an Animal’s Friendship Level goes up.

Finally, you can now sell furniture and clothing from Rover, and even give them to Gulliver if you want.

As usual, keep an eye on the Events and Content Updates page to keep up to date with all that’s happening in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp!

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