[Brief] Akira Tago (Professor Layton’s “Puzzle Master”) dies age 90

Akira Tago is a name you may not recognise, but you definitely know about one of the video game franchises he worked on: Professor Layton. He was a Japanese psychologist, an honorary emeritus of Tokyo Future University, a professor emeritus of Chiba University, and the chief of Akira Tago Laboratory.

Today, it was announced that Akiro Tago had passed away due to interstitial pneumonia. He was 90 years old. He was pretty famous for Tama no Taisou (lit. Head Gymnastics), a series of quiz books with 23 volumes and over 12 million copies sold. He’s also the one who designed the puzzles in the Professor Layton series, in which he’s credited as “Puzzle Master”).

Akira TagoSource: Jomo News



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