Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp – CO Introduction Videos

In Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp, CO (Commanding Officers) are the leaders of an army during battles. Not only do they each have their own quirky personality, they also possess unique abilities and powers. They play a crucial role in battles, and making full use of them is key to victory. And in the days leading to the launch of the game this Friday (April 21st), Nintendo are planning to share videos introducing some of the CO found in the games.

In this post, you will find all the CO Introduction Videos for Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp in one place. Naturally, it will be updated as soon as a new video is shared, so keep checking back! Also, make sure to check out this post for more footage of the CO Powers!

Orange Star

  • Andy
    • Pros: Balanced CO
    • Cons: none
    • CO Power: Hyper Repair (Restore 2HP to all units)
  • Max
    • Pros: Powerful direct-combat units
    • Cons: Weaker indirect-combat units
    • CO Power: Max Force (Increases firepower of direct-combat units)
  • Sami
    • Pros: Transport units move farther and infantry capture properies faster
    • Cons: Non-infantry , direct units have slightly reduced firepower
    • CO Power: Double Time (Movement bonus for Infantry & Mech units)

Blue Moon

  • Olaf
    • Pros: Unaffected by snow
    • Cons: Less effective in the rain
    • CO Power: Blizzard (A snow storm that increases movement cost for all unit except Olaf’s)
  • Grit
    • Pros: Indirect-units have increased attack range
    • Cons: Less effective in direct combat
    • CO Power: Sniper Attack (Increases attack range & Firepower of indirect-units)
  • Colin
    • Pros: Units are cheaper to purchase
    • Cons: Slightly reduced Firepower
    • CO Power: Gold Rush (Deployment funds multiplied 1.5x)

Green Earth

  • Eagle
    • Pros: Powerful air units
    • Cons: Weaker naval units
    • CO Power: Lightning Drive (All non-foot soldier units can move again)
  • Drake
    • Pros: Naval units have increased Defense & movement range
    • Cons: Air units have reduced Firepower
    • CO Power: Squall (Deals 1 HP of damage to all enemy units)
  • Jess
    • Pros: Powerful ground-vehicle units
    • Cons: Foot soldier, air, & naval units have slightly reduced Firepower
    • CO Power: Turbo Charge (Ground vehicles gain movement range & Firepower + All units gain Defense and are resupplied)

Gold Comet

  • Kanbei
    • Pros: Units have increased offense and defense
    • Cons: Units are more expensive to deploy
    • CO Power: Morale Boost (Increases Firepower and Defense for all units)
  • Sonja
    • Pros: Increased vision range in Fog of War
    • Cons: Units randomly attack with less Firepower
    • CO Power: Enhanced Vision (Forests & reefs within vision range are no longer hidden in Fog of War
  • Sensei
    • Pros: Foot soldiers & Battle Copters have increased Firepower
    • Cons: Naval units & ground vehicles have slightly reduced Firepower
    • CO Power: Copter Command (Infantry units appear in all cities under Sensei’s command + Battle Copters gain increased Firepower

Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp (Switch) comes out on April 21st in Europe and North America.


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