Ace Attorney: preview for the 19th episode of the anime, rating for the 17th episode

On Saturday, the 18th episode of the Ace Attorney anime series (Gyakuten Saiban: Sono “Shinjitsu” Igiari! ) aired in Japan. Called Reunion, and Turnabout – Final Trial, it’s now available on Crunchyroll. As usual, Yomiuri TV uploaded the preview for the next episode on YouTube shortly after. Titled “Turnabout Big Top — Second Trial”, it will air next Saturday, on August 13th (at the usual time: 5.30PM JST).

In the previous episode, Phoenix Wright and Maya Fey went to investigate at the Berry Big Circus following the murder of the Ringleader. They found out that pretty much everyone hates the suspect, Max Galactica, and that they are all convinced he did it.

In the next episode, the first part of the trial begin. It looks like the prosecution will bring in a witness who has seen something incredible… Is that related to the fact that only the footprints of the victim were found at the murder scene?

Here’s the preview for the 19th episode of the Ace Attorney anime series, Turnabout Big Top — Second Trial:

Finally, according to Video Research, the 17th episode of the Ace Attorney anime series (which aired on July 30th) was the 8th most popular anime series that week, with an Average Household Rating of 4.4.

Source: Video Research
Via: ANN


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