3Souls: release date, price, and trailer for Episode 1

Looking forward to 3Souls? If yes, good news: your wait is almost over! Red Column announced today that the first episode, Nelesa, would release on July 28th in Europe.

It was originally supposed to come out sometime in June, but was ultimately delayed when an issue was found during lotcheck. As for North America, Red Column doesn’t have a release date yet, but hopes to have the game ready within the next few weeks.

As mentioned previously, 3Souls will be released in three episodes, with the first one costing € 3.60 / £ 3.20 / $ 3.90. Episode 2 and 3 will have a lower price point.

Here’s a trailer for Episode 1 – Nelesa:

For those who never heard of the game before, 3Souls is a puzzle/platformer for the Wii U, which can also be played in co-op (as detailed in this post).

3Souls: Episode 1 – Nelesa (Wii U eShop) comes out on July 28th in Europe, and later this year in North America. Our Upcoming Releases page has been updated!



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