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Twilight Princess HD: soundtrack album releasing this month in Japan

Update: here’s pictures of the packaging and the discs (courtesy of!

Tthe album is now available for pre-order on CD Japan (NB: affiliate link)!


With Nintendo and soundtracks, it can be a bit complicated: soundtrack albums are frequently released, but it’s far from automatic. When a game comes out, there’s no way to know for sure if the soundtrack will be released later down the line. Therefore, when a new soundtrack album is announced, fans always breathe a sigh of relief (even though they really shouldn’t have to!).

And this is what happened today. Nintendo announced that The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD would get a soundtrack album, which will be released next month in Japan (on July 27th). It will cost 4 611 Yen, and come with 3 discs. On those discs, there will be a total of 108 tracks, with:

  • Disc 1: 40 tracks
  • Disc 2: 37 tracks
  • Disc 3: 31 tracks

Thanks to this soundtrack album, the music of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess will finally be available at the highest quality possible. It’s a pretty big deal, considering the full soundtrack was never released before (though we did get a soundtrack CD with the Limited Edition of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD. We don’t know if the soundtrack album includes the improved tracks from that CD).

The album will come in a 3-side digipack, with three 12cm CDs, an 8 page booklet, and a reversible mini-poster. First-print copies will also include a 40mm badge.

Here’s what the cover of the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD soundtrack album looks like:

And here’s what the sides of the digipack, the poster, and the badge look like:

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD soundtrack album added to our Upcoming Releases page!

Head after the break for the full tracklist!

Disc 1

  1. Title
  2. Teaser Music #1
  3. Menu Select
  4. Ordon Village
  5. Ordon Ranch
  6. Goats Herding
  7. Inside a House
  8. Shop
  9. Tutorial
  10. Faron Woods
  11. Battle
  12. Twilight
  13. Midna’s Theme
  14. Hyrule Castle Falls
  15. Meeting Princess Zelda
  16. Light Spirit’s Elegy
  17. The Vessel of Light Has Been Filled
  18. Forest Temple
  19. Mini Boss Battle #1
  20. Boss Battle #1 First-Half
  21. Boss Battle #1 Second-Half
  22. Boss Defeated
  23. Hyrule Field (Main Theme)
  24. Hyrule Field (Night)
  25. Battle (Twilight)
  26. Howling Stones Song #1 (Song of Healing)
  27. Kakariko Village
  28. Death Mountain
  29. Sanctuary
  30. Epona Rodeo
  31. Sumo – Start
  32. Sumo
  33. Emergency
  34. King Bulblin
  35. Saving Colin
  36. Goron Mines
  37. Boss Battle #2
  38. Cargo Game (Twilight)
  39. Howling Stones Song #2 (Requiem of Spirit)
  40. Lake Hylia

Disc 2

  1. Hyrule Castle Town
  2. Agitha’s Theme
  3. Fortune Reading
  4. Posh Shop
  5. Malo Mart
  6. Zora’s Domain
  7. Battle on Horse
  8. Carriage Escort
  9. Rutella’s Theme
  10. Lakebed Temple
  11. Mini Boss Battle Theme #3
  12. Boss Battle Theme #3 First-Half
  13. Boss Battle Theme #3 Second-Half
  14. Injured Midna / Midna’s Lament
  15. Zelda’s Sacrifice
  16. Howling Stones Song #3 (Prelude of Light)
  17. Sacred Grove
  18. Getting the Master Sword #1
  19. Getting the Master Sword #2
  20. Howling Stones Song #4
  21. Gerudo Desert
  22. Arbiter’s Ground
  23. Mini Boss Battle Theme #4
  24. Boss Battle Theme #4
  25. Boss Defeated
  26. Theme of the Sages
  27. Snowpeak
  28. Howling Stones Song #5
  29. Snow Sliding
  30. Snowpeak Ruins
  31. Open Chest
  32. Item Get Fanfare
  33. Small Item Get Fanfare
  34. Boss Battle Theme #5 First-Half
  35. Boss Battle Theme #5 Second-Half
  36. Game Over
  37. Trailer Theme (Hyrule Field) ~Alternate Take~

Disc 3

  1. Hidden Village
  2. Howling Stones Song #6
  3. Learning a Hidden Skill
  4. Learning a Hidden Skill – Success Fanfare
  5. Temple of Time
  6. Boss Battle Theme #6 First-Half
  7. Boss Battle Theme #6 Second-Half
  8. Piece of Heart Get Fanfare
  9. Hena’s Fishing Hole
  10. You’ve got a catch!
  11. You’ve caught a fish (Regular fish)
  12. Mini Game Success Fanfare
  13. Plum’s Game
  14. Rapids Ride
  15. Illia’s Theme
  16. City in the sky
  17. Oocoo
  18. Mini Boss Battle Theme #2
  19. Postman
  20. Palace of Twilight
  21. Zant
  22. Hyrule Castle
  23. The Final Battle #1
  24. The Final Battle #2
  25. Princess Zelda’s Theme
  26. The Final Battle #3
  27. The Final Battle #4
  28. Midna’s True Form
  29. Staff Roll #1
  30. Parting with Midna
  31. Staff Roll #2

Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD soundtrack album will be released outside Japan…

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