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30XX (Switch): all the updates (latest: Ver. 1.1.0 / Next: Ver. 1.2.0)

On this page, you will find all there is to know about the various updates for 30XX on Nintendo Switch (originally released in September 2023 in North America, Europe, and Japan)!

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30XX – Ver. 1.2.0

  • Release date: TBA
  • Patch notes:
  • Delta debuts!
    • Unlocked the same way the Entropy Cluster is — either a game win or 5+ level 5-or-higher runs will unlock Delta. Players who have already achieved this will see a Delta unlock pop-up immediately when starting the game, and will not have to re-unlock him.
    • Delta wields both Ace and Nina’s weapons and powers, and is encouraged to aggressively switch between them as the situation demands to sate his need for Glory.
    • Weapons: Delta can use most of Ace and Nina’s weapons, and begins the game with both the N-Buster and the A-Saber bound. He can only use one Nina beam at a time (no stacking). When completing a Contemplation Room, he’ll receive either an Ace or a Nina weapon at random. Delta can’t find Ace’s weapon augs.
    • Instead of charging normally, Delta charges his Weapons by using them – three Nina hits charges the next Ace attack, and vice versa.
    • Weapon hits build Hype. At 20+ stacks, Delta can press RT (the previously unused button) to consume them and become Glorious, fully recharging his NRG and giving a damage/speed boost for 5 seconds. Hype does not decay when hit (unlike Ace). Activating Glory is Delta’s primary NRG recovery mechanism, so you want to time the activation such that it’ll give you lots of extra juice for your Powers while also being in position to utilize the damage or speed buffs Glory grants.
    • Powers: Delta can find both characters’ Powers – at the end of each boss fight, he’ll be offered one at random. Delta can find Power Augs, but can’t fuse Powers. Because of his rapid NRG recovery via Glory, Delta’s Nina Powers have a base cost of 2x their Nina cost. Delta’s Powers are bound like Ace’s Techniques (and his Nina Powers default to their Ace-technique-counterpart keys). Delta doesn’t have Unleash Blade – a few Ace weapons work differently to account for this (For example, Edgewall is the shield by default, and fires the charged boomerang when the attack is charged). Aiming Gear aims automatically.
  • Added Alt Phases, intended to spice up level variety between runs. As of this patch note, three levels have alternate phases (Burning Temple, Deepverse, Highvault) – if you encounter these stages on level 3+, they might spawn with a few twists!
    • Nina’s action is Stance Lock, keeping you in place and letting you aim your weapons more easily.
    • Ace’s action is Blade Swap, letting you quickly switch between primary weapons.
    • Delta’s action is Glory, which consumes active Hype Stacks (if 20+) to grant full NRG and a temporary speed/damage boost.Added a new button that performs a different action depending on your character.
  • Added a new Highvault enemy, the Storm Demon! Watch the skies. Caw.
  • Added a new Aug: Charm, which lowers shop prices by 20%.
  • Added datalore for enemies and bosses. (Note: These are currently in English only. It’s a lot of words.)
  • The Entropy Cluster now shows your current entropy level on the machine.
  • Entropy Conditions are now saved between sessions (Standard Mode only).
  • Moved a few Entropy Conditions that did not increase Entropy Level into the World Configurator, a new device next to the Entropy Cluster.
  • Added a new World Configurator option: Ephemeral Journey, which halves the amount of levels in a Standard run. (The run will generate five levels instead of 10, at difficulties 2, 3, 5, 7, and 9.)
  • If you’ve completed a run before, you can now skip the escape sequence through a green teleporter.
  • The final level is now guaranteed to have a slot machine.
  • The Speedwalker achievement now requires a completed run within 32 minutes (was 28).
  • The Speedy Pilgrim achievement now requires a completed Pilgrimage 2 run within 40 minutes (was 35).
  • Repros are now a bit rarer, and have increased shop costs.
  • Vagrant’s Dissonance (Arm Core) is now less insanely busted than before. Mathematically, it’s about a 25% increased damage multiplier still. (Down from.. a lot more than that.)
  • Vagrant’s Waltz (Leg Core) reworked a bit
  • instead of the unwieldy blinkdash, dashing while overheating now starts an Unstoppable Force-style movement. This is usable while horizontally airdashing, and is awesome.
  • Vagrant’s Yearn (Body Core) now uses a small amount of Corruption when releasing a damaging Nova while overheating (so it isn’t permanent, endless giga-damage with the resonator and full set).
  • Added some new Character Palette options.
  • Ace, Jest and Delta can now re-order their Powers even with Still Waters active.
  • Zen Disciples now have a minimum time before they can divekick at you, so they’re a little easier to get under from point blank.
  • Slot Machines now have the very rare Super Jackpot, granting three Augs at once.
  • When attempting to salvage an unsalvage-able Aug, the game now displays a popup to inform you. (Instead of just picking it up.)
  • Astral Terminus (Power Aug) now lets Ace destroy vending machines with Ryuusei.
  • Fixed vending machines visually sticking around when destroyed with Crushing Void.
  • Arrow Blocks now have a tell when they’re about to disappear, and give a bit more leniency before losing their collision.
  • Improved behavior when Arrow Blocks collide with each other.
  • Fixed Water Platforms and Hydrophobic Platforms appearing a little higher than they should.
  • Fixed background filters sometimes not covering the whole screen with certain scrolling backgrounds.
  • Fixed Doppelgel being able to duplicate Triplicate Spirits (and causing weird behavior).
  • Laurent’s Evade now ends when making wall contact (so you can jump immediately).
  • Autoloader now grants additional benefits when Resonated (more Beams for Nina, Weapon Aug benefits for Ace).
  • Fixed corpses displaying ERRSTR.
  • Fixed a misalignment in L10’s “inside” background.
  • Chronovane pieces can no longer spawn in Slot Machines (preventing an awkward situation where one is slated to spawn late in a run in one – this makes it easier to complete).
  • Removed the Symbol of Peace as a prototype. You can now start a “peace run” through a portal in the Rev Device room. (This was done to eliminate the inherent RNG involved.)
    You can now talk to bosses when you have the Symbol of Peace.


  • Added Delta and his new Augs.
  • Added the Storm Demon enemy to Highvault.
  • Moved character-exclusive Augs into their own categories, for clarity.
  • Echobeast now has the correct palette.
  • 1.1’s new Augs now have localized text.
  • Fixed an issue where background tiles could not be deleted if an asset on a disabled layer overlaps them.
  • Fixed Power/Weapon Augs being selectable for Weapon Blocks.

30XX – Ver. 1.1.0

  • Release date: December 21st 2023 (North America, Europe) / December 22nd 2023 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:
  • Added Challenge Character variants for Nina and Ace!
  • Added 21 new Augs and 4 new Prototypes!
  • Added four new Entropy Conditions! One of them is Endless Endeavor, which will keep the journey going past level 8 until you decide to finish the fight.
  • Updated Glory Zone and Contemplation Room mechanics!
    • Timed versions of both zones return! Slaying enemies during these events will push the timer back slightly (in a way that scales with Faithmetal Flock Entropy ranks).
    • Added a new GZ type, “touchtargets”! These are more open-ended platforming segments that ask the player to sort out how to efficiently navigate dangerous rooms, rather than being linear challenges.
    • The new “Twisted Glory” EC adds additional hazard conditions to GZs & CRs.
  • Revamped Mega Mode’s campaign setup & generation. The “File Select” screen is now a playable space, and is where you’ll set up the parameters for the run you’re about to generate (players, characters, Entropy Conditions, etc). Accordingly, these devices have been removed from Mega Mode HQ.
  • Added a character palette selector to HQ! Several new character color palettes can now be unlocked during gameplay. Unlock ’em all!
  • Updated the visuals and layouts of several menus and UI elements.
  • Reworked co-op Resurrection! Revival Pods are gone, and players can now be revived when the other player has killed 20 enemies by pressing Interact, or when defeating a boss or miniboss. This action also no longer requires the reviving player to sacrifice HP.
  • Loot Omega now flies to the end of his chunk when slain (so its reward always drops in the same place, preventing some feelsbads with rewards dropping in bad spots).
  • Unified Entropy progression for Mega and Standard modes. The game now also checks on startup to make sure that your purchases and the number of Shards you have align with your current Entropy progress, granting you any missing Shards. (You may see your Shards increase after this patch in case your file was missing any – you will not lose any.)
  • Mega Mode save files now require the correct number of players to start. (A file started as a singleplayer file is now forever a singleplayer file, and the same for co-op. Co-op files may be started as local co-op or online co-op, however.)
  • Network disconnections in Mega Mode now return both parties to the Title Screen.
    • The two above changes are for gameplay stability purposes – completing a level as a disconnected client in Mega Mode, for example, didn’t accomplish much, since the host saves the game data, and completing a level with a disconnected client could result in lost items/etc for the client.
  • Event hazards that target a player directly (mostly special events in alternate levels and Delta’s “Haunt” condition prior to this patch) now target one player at random in co-op play (instead of both).
  • Fixed an issue causing recently spawned Cosmic Bats to not always deal contact damage.
  • In online co-op, the free Core granted when acquiring a Resonator with no matching cores is now synced between players.
  • Acquiring a Chronovane piece now greatly increases the chance of another piece spawning.
  • Acquiring a piece of the Vagrant’s set now increases the chance to find the others if you have at least one victory, and haven’t completed the relevant event.
  • Gave Ace “dash up” and “dash down” animations.
  • The effect that Ace creates upon releasing a level 3 charged attack now turns green alongside his Saber.
  • Updated the lives icons in Ellie’s Gauntlet.
  • Fixed the Memory Index toggle not always working correctly for overclocked upgrades.
  • Blocked several items from spawning in Rush Job that don’t do much without full levels to play through.
  • Dally is no longer infinitely farmable in Level 1 of Mega Mode.
  • Hysteria no longer increases the amount of Scrapbits acquired when trading items away to the Trader.
  • Re-enabled Interesting Times in co-op, and better synchronized its effects (and those of The One And Only) in online co-op.
  • Significantly improved online co-op stability for the final boss and miniboss.
  • Improved local co-op teleportation in the final level’s miniboss.
  • Fixed a cutscene in the last level as the client in online co-op.
  • Fixed bosses disappearing upon defeat as the client in online co-op.
  • Fixed boss health bars sometimes overflowing as the client in online co-op.
  • Fixed “-$0” sometimes displaying when the other player collects a pickup in online co-op.
  • Fixed a rare crash relating to Void Orbs.
  • In online co-op, fixed not always being sent back to HQ when your partner exits a secret level.
  • Fixed the client treating some secret levels as community levels in online co-op, yielding weird behavior.
  • In online co-op, ending a run no longer forces a disconnect.
  • Fixed the Soul Scrapper challenge condition in online co-op.
  • Secret levels no longer give extra metacurrency in co-op.
  • Metacurrency from secret levels is now properly synced in online co-op.
  • In online co-op, the client can no longer interact with the Rev Device in HQ, preventing softlocks.
  • Fixed Core Extender & Useless Garbage Trader sync in online co-op.
  • Fixed an online co-op issue where the client can sometimes not ready up at secret level teleporters.
  • Community chunks now get their play count incremented when players find them in Community Run.
  • Fixed a typo in a secret ending.
  • Fixed an animation bug when Ace dashes with Mobile Shell active.
  • Fixed a rare online co-op issue where two Deltas could spawn on top of each other in HQ.
  • Fixed the collision of Dustria’s Exploding Barrel Grinders in online co-op.
  • Fixed community chunks not showing up for Deepverse’s DPADS phase in community run.
  • Tremendous number of misc. smaller fixes reported both during PT testing & from the live build.
  • The end screen is now animated.
  • Fixed “dash up” and “dash down” animations being swapped under reverse gravity.
  • Fixed the colors of the roof in Zen Primus’ boss arena.
  • You can no longer take damage while dialog is active.
  • Fixed a slight misalignment in Ace’s Saber animation.
  • Fixed graphical issues with player HUDs.
  • Fixed Li’l Hoot’s tornado freezing Waterfall Platforms.
  • Pity cores from Resonant Armor are now synced in online co-op.
  • Fixed Renewal Pod not clearing their petals correctly after dropping an item.
  • Updated how Community Mode select chunk difficulties to allow more Spicy player-made chunks to be selected.
  • Added the Maker-compatible new Augs and Prototypes from 1.1.
  • Added Doppelgel to the Aug list.
  • Moved Surging Lubricant to the Special category to match its new behavior, and updated its description.
  • Fixed grid rendering issues at high resolutions.
  • Fixed the “Spicy” difficulty filter not working in the chunk and level catalog.

How to download updates for 30XX for the Nintendo Switch?

To download the updates for 30XX, you have three options:

  • let the console do its thing if you have automatic downloads activated, and didn’t completely turn it off

If not…

  • try to launch the game from the Home Menu while being connected to the internet. You should get a prompt when doing so: simply follow the instructions on screen;


  • select the game > press either + or – to go to the Options page > select Software update > select Via the Internet.

To check that you have the latest version installed, simply select the game on the Home Menu, and press – or + to go to the Options: the version number is displayed just below the game title.


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