Super Mario Maker: Michel Ancel interview, at least 60 levels included; Mario Music CD, more


We just replaced the Michel Ancel interview video below with a new version from Nintendo UK, with English subtitles!


Super Mario Maker: Michel Ancel interview

Nintendo France recently got to chat with Michel Ancel, that you probably know as the creator of the Rayman series. Here’s a translated summary of everything revealed during this interview!

First mario game

The first Mario game that Michel Ancel played is the original Donkey Kong on Arcade, then on Game & Watch. The first “true” Mario game he played was Super Mario Land on the GameBoy.

Favorite Mario character

Michel Ancel’s favorite Mario character is actually the Mario from Super Mario Land, on GameBoy.

Inspiration from Mario

What inspired him in Mario games is their simplicity: there’s not too many elements in each level, but the developers still managed to do lots of things with them. As a level-designer, one of the most interesting for him is to find out is just how much you can do with a limited number of elements.

What to start with when making a level

When making a level, the best way to start is to think about the flow of the level, make sure the space is adapted to what the character can do with its abilities (jump, etc.). Once you’ve done that, you add platforms and enemies.

Tips to make a good level

When making a level, it’s better to have a clear idea of what you want to do, and to avoid going in blind. You need to set a goal and work toward it. Once you’ve done that, you will quickly see the kind of problems you will have to solve in order to complete your level.You really need to have a global “vision”, in order to make sure your level has a good sense of progression. For example, you need to alternate slow segments with tense, fast or complex segments.

Creating levels in Super Mario Maker

For Michel Ancel, learning how to use the level editor in Super Mario Maker is really fun, with tons of fun/neat little details. Those give the impression you’re dealing with a game, and not really a level editor. You can actually get to the thick of it pretty fast, since placing elements in the level is extremely easy.

Newcomers or experts

Michel Ancel believes that all kinds of players will enjoy Super Mario Maker: total newcomers and level-design experts alike. It will allow people to see how a (platformer) game is made, and how everything works behind the scenes. The game is easy to pick up, and sharing levels with other people feels really rewarding.


When asked if he believes whether Super Mario Maker will make some people seek a career as level-designer, Michel Ancel says yes. Not only the level-editor is easy to use, but some people will even become famous by making popular levels.

What surprised him

What surprised him in Super Mario Maker is the fact you can give items to enemies, such as mushrooms to make them big or wings to make them fly.

Here’s the video interview of Michel Ancel, in French (but with English subtitles now!):

Also, Nintendo confirms that Super Mario Maker will include over 60 pre-made levels, including one designed by Michel Ancel himself!

Head after the break for a music CD and some goodies!

Music CD and goodies

On September 13th, Nippon Columbia will release an album called “30th Anniversary Edition: Super Mario Bros. Music”. It will include the Title Screen music of the following games:

・Super Mario Bros.
・Super Mario Bros. 2 (Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels)
・Super Mario Bros. 3
・Super Mario Land
・Super Mario World
・Super Mario USA (Super Mario Bros. 2)
・Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins
・Super Mario 64
・Super Mario Sunshine
・New Super Mario Bros.
・Super Mario Galaxy
・New Super Mario Bros. Wii
・Super Mario Galaxy 2
・Super Mario 3D Land
・New Super Mario Bros. 2
・New Super Mario Bros. U
・Super Mario 3D World
・Super Mario Maker (bonus track)

Source: Nippon Columbia
Via: Famitsu

Finally, here’s picture of various goodies coming soon to Japan:


Super Mario Maker (Wii U) comes out on September 10th in Japan, and September 11th in Europe and North America



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