Splatoon 2: results of the Famitsu Squid Fashion Contest 2017

Back in July, Famitsu announced they were holding another Famitsu Squid Fashion Contest for Splatoon 2, just like they did for the first game on Wii U. But this time around, fans could submit illustrations for two categories:

  • Gear
  • Graffiti

And today, the results of the Famitsu Squid Fashion Contest 2017 were revealed. As expected, there were many great entries: they received more than 1 000 of them this time around, which is even more than for the previous contest.

Here’s the various winners:

Gear category – Grand winner

  • Ghillie Suit Style (by Puroron)

Graffiti category – Grand winner

  • Noshi Ika Graffiti (by KAZOO)

Gear category – Development Team Picks

  • Gyakushuu no Ika Balloon (lit. Squid Balloon of Counter-attack) (by Imoutan RYO)
  • Ikasu Western (lit. Squid Western) (by Shibasan)
  • Kossetsu Gips Style (lit. Orthopedic Cast Style) (by Sumisonian)

Graffiti category – Development Team Picks

  • Ika Ningen (lit. Human Squid) (by Sharou)
  • Ika Soumen (lit. Squid Soumen) (by Taraba)
  • Shougakusei no Koutsuu Anzen Poster (lit. Elementary School Student’s Traffic Safety Poster) (by Uma)

Gear category – Famitsu picks

  • Souji No Onee-san Style (lit. Cleaning Lady Style) (by En)
  • Ika Ten Set (lit. Squid Angel Set) (by Konachan)
  • Kurage Fuu Suzushige Rain Coat (lit. Jellyfish Rain Coat)

Graffiti category – Famitsu picks

  • Nami to Tako Ashi (lit. Waves and Octopus Legs) (by Kochimosa)
  • 7-Shoku no Ink no Ame (lit. 7-colour Ink Rain) (by Kumango)
  • GAME&WATCH SQUID (by ginkgo)

Here’s what the winning entries look like (they can be found in the gallery in the order they are listed above):

The two Grand Winner entries will be added to Splatoon 2 as part of an upcoming update (no date given). For the Gear category specifically, the development team has already made a preliminary sketch of the outfit to be added to the game, that you can find in the preview scan above.

Source: Famitsu



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