Semispheres (meditative parallel puzzle game) headed to the Nintendo Switch next month


If you’re looking for some unique puzzles games on Nintendo Switch, next month promises to be a good one. Earlier today, we wrote about The Bridge, which is coming to the Nintendo eShop on September 7th (only Europe is confirmed so far), but it’s not only the one… Semispheres is also releasing in September (again, only European release is confirmed so far).

Developed by Vivid Helix, Semisphere is described as a “meditative parallel puzzle game that places dual realities at the heart of its challenge”. Despite being a single-player game, it’s played in split-screen, and has you control not one but two characters… at the same time. As you can imagine, the left and right side have to work together to solve clever puzles, in an “entrancing ambience”.

The game is filled with gameplay mechanics making use of the split-screen, and is bound to make your brain work hard!

Here’s the key features of the game:

  • More than 50 levels, each building on top of each other, culminating with fiendishly complex puzzles
  • Stealth-inspired gameplay, including abilities like noise-makers, portals, side-swapping, teleporting and more
  • Immersive ambient soundtrack by Sid Barnhoorn, composer for Antichamber, The Stanley Parable and Out There
  • Mesmerizing and soothing bichromatic art style comprised of warm blues and oranges
  • A heartwarming story about a boy and his robot, unfolding in parallel with the puzzle progression

Finally, here’s a trailer and some screenshots (not based on the Nintendo Switch version):

Semispheres (Switch – eShop) comes out on September 14th in Europe. The Upcoming Games page has been updated!

Source: Nintendo eShop



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