The Bridge (2D Logic Puzzle Game) headed to the Nintendo Switch next month

Back in 2015, a really unique puzzle game was released on the Wii U: The Bridge (developed by Ty Taylor and Mario Castadeña). And that unique puzzle game is headed to the Nintendo Switch, next month (on September 7th in Europe).

For those who never heard of the game before, The Bridge is a 2D logic puzzle game featuring a beautifully hand-drawn art in the style of a black-and-white lithograph, that forces you to reevaluate your preconceptions of physicals and persepctive. In this game, what you think is the ceiling may become the floor, and vice-versa.

You get to explore various worlds, filled with impossible architectures, and increasing difficulty. The developers designed this game to “leave the player with a pronounced sense of intellectual accomplishment”.

It was also designed to be pretty accessible, yet intellectually stimulating, with minimalistic control scheme allowing you to focus on the puzzles without any distractions. The various challenges found in each levels are built on concepts learned throughout the game.

Here’s the main features:

  • 48 thought-provoking puzzles, each unique from the rest, all requiring an innovative solution.
  • Gravity manipulations, gravitational vortexes, parallel dimensions, and many more mind-bending concepts in a world where the laws of physics are not what they seem.
  • M. C. Escher-esque worlds with impossible architecture set in the style of beautifully hand-drawn black-and-white lithographic art.
  • An alternate version of the game unlocked after the main storyline has been completed, including challenging alternate versions of each of the 24 main puzzles, along with an alternate ending.
  • A time-backtracking system to alleviate any fears of making a mistake.

Finally, here’s a trailer and some screenshots for the game (not based on Nintendo Switch version, though):

The Bridge (Switch – eShop) will be released on September 7th in Europe. The Upcoming Games page has been updated!

Source: Nintendo eShop



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