Nintendo’s General Meeting of Shareholders: Iwata, Miyamoto’s approval rates up in 2015

Every year, during Nintendo’s Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, Directors are appointed/re-elected, based on the vote of the company’s shareholders. For those who get re-elected, this vote is good way to check how many shareholders approve them, which is quite important for Satoru Iwata (who is at the very top).


Last week, we learned that all 10 Directors were re-elected, but until today, we didn’t have the results of the vote. A few minutes ago, Nintendo finally published said results on its website, which allows us to see the approval rate for each of the Directors.

Since the company is now back in the black (though there’s no doubt the DeNA partnership has pleased more than a shareholder), it’s not too surprising that the approval rate for all Directors is up Year on Year, as you can see below (the number in parentheses is the approval rate for last year):

– Satoru Iwata: 83.45% (80.64%)
– Genyo Takeda: 92.07% (86.80%)
– Shigeru Miyamoto: 92.08% (86.81%)
– Tatsumi Kimishima: 92.60% (89.11%)
– Shigeyuki Takahashi: 94.46% (93.32%)
– Satoshi Yamato: 94.46% (93.33%)
– Susumu Tanaka: 94.46% (93.33%)
– Shinya Takahashi: 94.46% (93.33%)
– Hirokazu Shinshi: 94.46% (93.33%)
– Naoki Mizutani: 94.52% (94.03%)

The Year-End Dividend was approved by 96.83% of all shareholders.

Source: Nintendo


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