My Nintendo: registration of physical Nintendo Switch games detailed, Switch rewards coming soon

Update: looking for details about the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate early purchase bonus (Piranha Plant)? If yes, check out this page instead! The one you’re currently reading is an outdated one about the My Nintendo programme.


Update: the programme has undergone major changes regarding Gold Coins. Make sure to check out this post for more details!


My Nintendo may be the replacement of Club Nintendo, there’s still a major difference with the former loyalty programme (besides the lack of physical rewards): you can only get points by using Nintendo services, playing Nintendo’s games on mobile, and buying games from the Nintendo eShop. Unfortunately, you cannot get points if you buy games at retail… yet.

Today, a new batch of Missions went live, and those allow you to register… physical Nintendo Switch games! But unlike Club Nintendo, this is not done by entering a PIN code, you do so directly from your console by pressing the + – button while the icon of the game you want to register is selected. You then have to go to “My Nintendo Rewards Programme” and select “Earn Points”.

And as you can expect, you can only register a game once from a given game card, so if you buy a game used and the previous owner already registered it, you’re out of luck. What’s more, you have two years following the game’s release to register a game, and this is based on the release date in your country, not when you purchased it.

Also, as you can see below, you get less Gold Coins when you register a Nintendo Switch game bought at retail, as opposed to the Nintendo eShop. And the difference is quite big: you get 16 Gold Coins for a retail game that costs more than 60€, as opposed to… 80 Gold Coins if you buy it via the Nintendo eShop.

Here’s the new missions added today:

  • Register a Nintendo Switch Game Card (eShop value: 35,00-39,99 € / £30-34.99 / $40.00-49.99 / AU$51.01-63.00 / 500円~1,000円): 10 Gold Coins
  • Register a Nintendo Switch Game Card (eShop value: 40,00-49,99 € / £35-39.99 / $50.00-59.99 / AU$63.01-76.00 / 1,001円~2,000円): 12 Gold Coins
  • Register a Nintendo Switch Game Card (eShop value: 50,00-59,99 € / £40-49.99 / $60.00-69.99 / AU$76.01-89.00 / 2,001円~3,000円): 14 Gold Coins
  • Register a Nintendo Switch Game Card (eShop value: >60,00 € / >£50 / >$70.00 / >AU$89.01 / 3,001円~4,000円): 16 Gold Coins
  • Register a Nintendo Switch Game Card (but game isn’t on sale on the Nintendo eShop): 16 Gold Coins

Here’s the details of the missions for registering retail Nintendo Switch games:

Complete this mission by registering a Nintendo Switch game card to your Nintendo Account. You can do this directly from the HOME Menu of your Nintendo Switch. Press the + or – Button while the icon of the game you want to register is selected. Then go to “My Nintendo Rewards Programme” and select “Earn Points”.


Which mission is completed is determined based on the Nintendo eShop value of the respective game at the time of registration. If the game is not listed for sale in Nintendo eShop, it qualifies for the highest point mission (you earn 16 Gold Points).


Each Nintendo Switch game card can be registered only once. If your game card was registered to a different Nintendo Account before, you will not be able to register it anymore. If you can’t register a game card you purchased as someone else did so already, please contact the retailer you purchased it from for support.


A game card can be registered within two years from the official release day of the game in your country*. You can confirm the release date of a game by visiting its details page on Nintendo eShop.

*only one year in North America, Japan, and other countries not located in Europe (excluding South Africa, which gets the 2 year deadline).

Also, do note that special Nintendo Switch rewards will also be added pretty soon.

Source: Nintendo
Thanks Joe Merrick for the £ values, Vooks for the AU$ values.



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