Miitomo: Nintendo Switch promo campaign launching tomorrow (March 3rd)

The Nintendo Switch is the latest console from Nintendo, and it launches tomorrow. It’s a major event for both the companies and fans, and therefore, it’s not too surprising the console is getting a special promo campaign in Miitomo. That campaign will launch on March 3rd, and will last until March 23rd.

As usual with promo campaigns in Miitomo, players will be able to get various goodies for free. From March 3rd to March 23rd, various Nintendo Switch-relaed items will be available as special log-in bonuses:

  • Day 1: Nintendo Switch stamps
  • Day 2: Nintendo Switch wallpaper
  • Day 3: Nintendo Switch Logo T-Shirt
  • Day 4: Nintendo Switch flooring
  • Day 5: Nintendo Switch Console Visor

If you want to get all five items, you need to log in for the first time by:

  • Europe: March 19th, 4AM
  • UK: March 19th, 3AM
  • North America (ET): March 18th, 11PM
  • North America (PT): March 18th, 8PM
  • Japan: March 19th, 12PM

About the Nintendo Switch stamps, they can be used on your Miifotos. The set includes:

  • Nintendo Switch logo
  • Joy-Cons (Neon Red + Blue) on the grip
  • Nintendo Switch console in its dock
  • TV screen
  • Nintendo Switch with Joy-Cons (Neon Red + Blue)
  • Joy-Cons (Neon Red + Blue)
  • Nintendo Switch in Tabletop Mode
  • Joy-Cons (Grey)
  • Nintendo Switch with Joy-Cons (Grey)

Here’s pictures for those Nintendo Switch goodies in Miitomo:

The Nintendo Switch launches on March 3rd, worldwide.

Source: Nintendo


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