Monster Hunter Stories: RIDE ON (anime): second trailer

In a little over two weeks, the latest game in the popular Monster Hunter series will be released in Japan. Called Monster Hunter Stories, it offers a radically different experience from the mainline entries, since it’s a turn-based RPG where you fight alongside monsters (though there are also regular Hunters in the game).

It’s part of cross-media project for the Monster Hunter series, and it’s actually getting an anime series called Monster Hunter Stories: RIDE ON. The story of that anime series is quite obviously based on the game, though there will be various differences. For examples, some characters will only appear in the anime series.

Today, Fuji TV (who is creating its very first daytime anime timeslot especially for it), uploaded a second trailer for the Monster Hunter Stories: RIDE ON anime series. Unlike the first one, it gives us a really good look at the animation (and the 3DCG for the monsters). It also previews the opening theme: Panorama (by Kanjani ).

Here it is:

Monster Hunter Stories: RIDE ON! will debut on October 2nd at 8.30AM JST on Fuji TV, and will air every Sunday at the same time. Funimation has licenced the series for home entertainment, video on demand, and broadcast distribution. It will be livestreamed on FunimationNow/Crunchyroll in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Ireland.

Monster Hunter Stories (3DS) comes out on October 8th in Japan.
Monster Hunter Stories: RIDE ON (anime series) will debut on October 2nd, on Fuji TV.


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