Monster Hunter Stories: RIDE ON to get original characters, soundtrack preview

In the past few weeks, we got some new details and plenty of gameplay footage for Monster Hunter Stories. But the anime series, called Monster Hunter Stories: RIDE ON, also got its occasional tidbits, with more voice actors revealed on a regular basis.

And today, the official website for Monster Hunter Stories: RIDE ON was updated, and revealed new characters. What’s interesting about them is that they will not appear in the game: they will only be found in the anime series.

Here’s those new characters and their voice actors:

  • Miru (voiced by Ayaka Asai): a hard working and honest girl, who is the same age as Ryuto (the protagonist);
  • Hyoro (voiced by Michiyo Murase): Jini’s younger brother, and a pretty timid young man. He’s the same age as Ryuto;
  • Jini (voiced by Yuuma Uchida): Hyoro’s older brother, and a Rider. He’s one year older than Ryuto;
  • Stone (voiced by Itaru Yamamoto): another Rider, of the same age as Jini. He may not talk much, he still values his friends above all else;
  • Noel (voiced by Takanori Ohyama): another Rider, who is older than Jini and Stone. He’s both mature and shy, and only think about one thing: protecting Hakumu Village.

Here’s what those characters look like:

Also, here’s a video with some soundtrack previews (music composed by Masaru Yokoyama):

Last week, it was announced that Funimation had licenced Monster Hunter Stories: Ride ON!. It turns out that licence is not just for simulcast, but also home entertainment, video on demand, and broadcast distribution. About simulcast, it will only be available to subscribers in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Ireland.

Monster Hunter Stories (3DS) comes out on October 8th in Japan. The anime series will debut in October.

Source: ANN


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