Monster Hunter Stories: all you need to know about DLC and Bonus Content, list of QR Codes

Monster Hunter Stories v2

If you’ve already played a Monster Hunter game before, then you already know that they always get tons of free DLC. Naturally, Monster Hunter Stories (released on September 8th in Europe and North America) is no exception, and if you’ve already checked our posts about the Japanese release, then you already know what to expect.

For those of you who haven’t, here’s the kind of content that will be disitributed for free to all players in Europe and North America, pretty soon:

  • tournament types and rules
  • trials that reward you with Monstie eggs and new gear
  • backgrounds for your Rider Card
  • egg pieces to form a special egg, to hatch equally special Monsties
  • special collaboration content (The Legend of Zelda for example)
  • new outfits for Navirou
  • and more…

Here’s how you can download additional content for Monster Hunter Stories:

  • Talk to the Connecticat in town


  • Select “DLC” from the game menu

Monster Hunter Stories – DLC releases

Unfortunately, nothing has been announced just yet. Stay tuned!

Monster Hunter Stories – Bonus content

If you have save data for the Monster Hunter Stories demo on your Nintendo 3DS, then you can unlock a Rider’s Outfit for Navirou!

And if you have save data for Monster Generations, you can unlock the following:

  • A new weapon: one-handed sword
  • A new outfit for Navirou

Monster Hunter Stories – QR Codes

QR Codes allow you to get Party data to battle against, but also various goodies (items, etc.). They are not region-locked, which means they should work with any version of the game (even Japanese):

To use QR codes, simply go talk to the Connecticat, and select the QR Code option!

Source (QR Codes): YouTube / Imgur / Capcom / Game8

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