Monster Hunter Stories: The Legend of Zelda DLC out this week

Monster Hunter Stories was released on September 8th in Europe and North America, and it’s already got a fair bit of DLC: you can check out all the details on this page! But there’s one particular bit of DLC that players are most looking forward to… the Legend of Zelda collaboration!

The good news is, there isn’t that much longer for them to wait, as that collaboration is headed to Monster Hunter Stories this very week in Europe and North America. Here’s a trailer introducing it:

Unfortunately, Nintendo doesn’t specify what this week’s DLC pack includes. This is pretty important, because in Japan, the DLC was released in two waves.

Here’s the contents of Wave 1:

  • special The Legend of Zelda competition rules: when you play with those, you can get the Master Sword (Sword & Shield)… or rather a ticket, that allows you to take on a special Production Quest
  •  special The Legend of Zelda tournament (rank: Gold): if you win it, you will get Link’s tunic (but only the first time around: you cannot win it more than once)
  • The Legend of Zelda background for your Rider Card.

And here’s the contents of Wave 2:

  • special Tournament: The Legend of Zelda – Triforce Cup (Rank: Gold). If you manage to win, you will get a special Epona egg, allowing you to get Epona as Otomon.
  • special Sub-Quest: The Legend of Zelda – Hero’s Soul (Rank: ★ 5). If you complete it, you will get the Majora’s Mask, which is for Navirou.
  • Stamp set (for multiplayer chat)

Right now, it’s not clear if everything will be released at once, or in two waves like in Japan. Therefore, we invite you to keep an eye out on this DLC Page, where you will find all the details regarding additional content in Monster Hunter Stories (not just the Zelda collaboration content)!

Source: Nintendo


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