Miitomo: details and screenshots for Candy Drop

Today, Nintendo released a brand new update for Miitomo. It brings the game to Ver. 1.4.0, and adds some new options and features, but also a new mini game called Candy Drop. As the name implies, you drop Candies and try to get the rewards at the bottom. Naturally, there’s lots of rotating platforms in the way, preventing you from simply picking up a Candy right above the Game Ticket.

There’s two rewards you can get:

  • a ticket coupon: you need 10 of those to get a Game Ticket
  • a Game Ticket

Every time you play, the position of the Game Ticket is shuffled, so you can’t simply drop Candies at the same place and with the same timing every time. However, it doesn’t look like Nintendo is planning to have different stages (like with Miitomo Drop), so it’s only a matter of time until players find a way to always get the Game Ticket at each drop.

Unlike Miitomo Drop, you can play for free once a day. After that, you have to pay 5 Candies for each play.

Here’s some screenshots for Candy Drop in Miitomo:

To play Candy Drop, you need Ver. 1.4.0 (or more recent) of Miitomo.



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