Level-5 – Inazuma Eleven Ares delayed to this Fall; Yo-kai Watch 4 reveal on June 23rd

Back in 2016, during the Level-5 Vision 2016 conference, Level-5 revealed Inazuma Eleven Ares, the latest chapter in the popular Inazuma Eleven series. Unfortunately for fans, the wait for the latest game has been quite long, and it just got a little bit longer: the latest issue of CoroCoro magazine (or Famitsu, it’s unclear at the moment) reveals that the game has been delayed once more.

The whole project (including the anime) was originally slated to debut in Fall 2017, but then the anime was moved to April 2018, with the game releasing this Summer. But today, it’s been confirmed that the Inazuma Eleven Ares game will not be released before Fall 2018. Unfortunately, no further details are available as of writing, so stay tuned!

Speaking of Level-5, more leaks reveal that they’re hosting some sort of event on June 27th. It will be livestreamed on YouTube, and will shine the light on a brand new game celebrating the 5th Anniversary of the Yo-kai Watch series.

Unfortunately, we know absolutely nothing about that game, not even the platform it’s for. It’s not even guaranteed to be on Nintendo Switch (it could very well be a mobile project). Further leaks reveal that it’s a mobile game, that will allow players to go on a grand adventure with their smartphone. It’s apparently an “epic masterpiece” that will “shock the world”.

Yet another leak reveal that the new Yo-kai Watch movie will open on December 14th. It’s called “Friends Forever”, and tells the heartwarming story of Shin (a young boy) and Neko (a very important Yo-kai): their encounter, their friendship. It takes place in the past.

Finally, one (final) leak reveals that Yo-kai Watch 4 will get a trailer on June 23rd. And… that’s all we know for now!

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