Fire Emblem Heroes: all the details from the latest Feh Channel presentation (next update, new main story chapter, Choose your Legends event)

Update: click here for even more details about Ver. 2.0.0 of Fire Emblem Heroes!


Today, the latest Feh Channel presentation was livestreamed, and this one had lots of extremely juicy details… not surprising, it’s been a while since the last one. This time, we have another Choose your Legends event, details about the next update, the second chapter of the Main Story, and more!

The first thing that was announced is a set of new Heroes… 4 to be precise, from the first Choose Your Legends event. Those are Heroes that didn’t quite make it to the top, but still have some pretty dedicated fans.

They are:

  • Lute, the Prodigy (from Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones). Artist: Seo Kouji. Voiced by Brina Palencia [13th place, women division]
  • Mia, the Lady of Blades (from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance). Artist: Yoneyama Mai. Voiced by Lani Minella [16th place, women division]
  • Dorcas, the Serene Warrior (from Fire Emblem). Artist: Soeda Ippei [12th place, men division]
  • Joshua, the Tempest Kind (from Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones). Artist: Fujiwara Ryo. Voiced by Todd Habekorn [18th place, men division]

The first 3 Heroes can be found in a Summoning Focus, that goes live later today: check out this post for more details! The 4th one (Joshua) will be available from the upcoming Tempest Trials event, which goes live on November 20th (more details soon).

Finally, Feh teased another Choose Your Legends event (as in a brand new voting event, not just a Summoning Focus featuring Heroes from the first one). It will most likely coincide with the 1st Anniversary of Fire Emblem Heroes, in February.

Next, we have details about the next update for Fire Emblem Heroes (Ver. 2.0.0, we don’t know yet), that will go live at the end of the month (on November 27th/28th). First: characters using a staff in battle will get a boost.

To be more precise, they will be able to learn new skills at 5 ★, and that applies to both characters you will get from Summoning Focus after the update has been released, but also those you already have right now. For example, Sakura will be able to learn Fear+ and Physic+.

Here’s the list of skills that will be available to Heroes using staves (they need the non + version of the skill before they can learn the following skills):

  • Absorb+
  • Fear+
  • Slow+
  • Gravity+
  • Pain+
  • Panic+
  • Candlelight+
  • Physic+
  • Recover+
  • Martyr+
  • Rehabilitate+

The countdown trigger is also getting a major change, with the update making some of them trigger faster: they will now require 1 less turn. Here’s the list of skills affected by this change:

Attack skills

4 turns

  • Rising Flame (from 5)
  • Growing Flame (from 5)
  • Blazing Flame (from 5)
  • Rising Wind (from 5)
  • Growing Wind (from 5)
  • Blazing Wind (from 5)
  • Rising Thunder (from 5)
  • Growing Thunder (from 5)
  • Blazing Thunder (from 5)
  • Rising Light (from 5)
  • Growing Light (from 5)
  • Blazing Light (from 5)

“Star” skills

4 turns

  • Astra (from 3)

3 turns

  • Night Sky (from 4)

2 turns

  • Glimmer (from 3)

“Sun” skills

3 turns

  • Daylight (from 4)
  • Sol (from 4)

2 turns

  • Noontime (from 3)

The next change is definitely going to please players who summong Heroes frequently: the size of barracks will be extended for free, allowing you to have 100 more Heroes. That change applies regardless of whether you have already used Orbs to expand the barracks or not: you will get the expansion no matter what!

Stamina is also getting tweaked, and more specifically capped for Story and Paralogue maps. Those will now require 10 units of stamina max., regardless of the difficulty.

But the main change of Ver. 2.0.0 is the Weapon Refinery, that allows you to upgrade weapons, and more precisely their skills. Just like the Sacred Seal Forge, you will need to clear an Interlude map before you can access this new feature.

Using the Weapon Refinery allows you to improve the weapons, which can take two forms:

  • stats increase
  • new abilities

In order to use the Weapon Refinery, you will need special items (generally Arena Medals + one of the other two):

  • Arena Medals: they are used to upgrade all types of weapons. You can get them from the Arena;
  • Refining Stones: they are used to upgrade all types of weapons. You can get them from the Arena, by clearing quests, and as events rewards;
  • Divine Dew: they are used to upgrade special weapons. You can get some by using Refining Stones to improve weapons.

Here’s the list of weapon skills you can evolve into higher forms using  Arena Medals + Divine Dew / Refining Stones:

  • Tyrfing > Divine Tyrfing
  • Durandal > Blazing Durandal
  • Aura > Dark Aura
  • Excalibur > Dark Excalibur
  • Naga > Divine Naga
  • Killing Edge+ > Slaying Edge+
  • Killer Lance+ > Slaying Lance+
  • Killer Axe+ > Slaying Axe+
  • Killer Bow+ > Slaying Bow+
  • Armorslayer+ > Armorsmasher+
  • Heavy Spear+ > Slaying Spear+
  • Hammer+ > Slaying Hammer+
  • Assassin’s Bow+ > Guard Bow+
  • Raudrwolf+ > Keen Raudrwolf+
  • Blarwolf+ > Keen Blarwolf+
  • Groonwolf+ > Keen Gronnwolf+
  • Candlelight > Dandlelight+

And here’s the list of weapons skills you can boost using Arena Medals + Divine Dew / Refining Stones (some of them can even get additional effects that way):

  • Sol Katti
  • Mystletainn
  • Siegmund
  • Hauteclere
  • Fujin Yumi
  • Deathly Dagger
  • Silver Sword+
  • Fear+
  • Silver Lance +
  • Slow+
  • Silver Axe+
  • Gravity+
  • Silver Bow+
  • Pain+
  • Silver Dagger+
  • Panic+
  • Bolganone+
  • Candlelight+
  • Fenrir+
  • Legion’s Axe+
  • Thoron+
  • Clarisse’s Bow+
  • Rexcalibur+
  • Berkut’s Lance+
  • Slaying Edge+
  • Carrot Lance+
  • Slaying Lance+
  • Carrot Axe+
  • Slaying Axe+
  • Blue Egg+
  • Slaying Bow+
  • Green Egg+
  • Wo Dao+
  • First Bite+
  • Armorsmasher+
  • Cupid Arrow+
  • Slaying Spear+
  • Blessed Bouquet+
  • Slaying Hammer+
  • Deft Harpoon+
  • Zanbato+
  • Melon Crusher+
  • Ridersbane+
  • Refreshing Bolt+
  • Guard Bow+
  • Seashell+
  • Smoke Dagger+
  • Lilith Floatie+
  • Rogue Dagger+
  • Tomato Tome+
  • Keen Raudrwolf+
  • Sealife Tome+
  • Keen Blarwolf+
  • Hibiscus Tome+
  • Keen Gronnwolf+
  • Dancer’s Fan+
  • Flametongue+
  • Dancer’s Score+
  • Lightning Breath+
  • Dancer’s Ring+
  • Light Breath+
  • Monstrous Bow+
  • Dark Breath+
  • Spectral Tome+
  • Absorb+
  • Raudrowl+
  • Blarowl+
  • Gronnowl+

The next topic for this Feh Channel presentation is a Legendary Hero Summoning Event, that will go live on November 28th.

It will include 11 Heroes, including Special Heroes from previous events. This Summoning Focus will be pretty special, because the summoning rate for 5 ★ Focus will be bumped to 8%, and the rate for 5 ★ Heroes will drop to 0% (increasing your chances of getting one of the Heroes from the Summoning Focus). You can find more details about this Summoning Focus in this post!

Finally, the main story is about to enter its second phase, with Book II. We don’t have many details about it, other that it will be about the following two characters:

  • Fjorm, the Princess of Ice
  • Surtr, the Ruler of Flame

Those are brand new characters, created specifically for Fire Emblem Heroes. If you’re yet to clear all the chapters from Book I, or you just started playing recently, there’s nothing to worry about: you will be able to jump straight to Book II if you want, without completing Book I first. Naturally, Book II will be updated with new chapters on a regular basis.

At first, 2 chapters will be available, and if you clear the first one, you will be able to get Fjorm (who is said to have a special ability). She also seems to be part of the Summoning Focus mentioned just above.

Here’s the video shown during the Feh presentation:

Finally, here’s various screenshots and artworks for all the content showcased during this 4th Feh Channel presentation:

As a bonus, here’s an official Fire Emblem Heroes manga (only available in Japanese, unfortunately): click here to check it out!

Source: Feh Channel / 4Gamer



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