Attack on Titan 2 (Switch): latest details and screenshots

Last week, Koei-Tecmo updated the official website for Attack on Titan 2 on Nintendo Switch, revealing even more playable charaters for the game. Among those, we have characters that are playable for the very first time, and a returning one that was already playable in the first game.

Let’s start with the brand new characters:

  • Gelgar

An experienced and highly skilled soldier even among the elite members of the Scout Regiment. His battle experience is evident from how his courage continuous to burn even when facing Titans. This bravery is another cornerstone of the excellent teamwork shown when he is joined by typical squad mates, Miche and Nanaba of the Scout Regiment.

  • Ymir

A graduate of the 104th Cadet Corps. Although not among the top graduates, she was a talented soldier with a biting personality. No matter the situation or whoever in the 104th she was talking to, she always spoke her mind which often led her into trouble. However, despite her sharp tongue, she often fusses over Christa, whom she has taken a liking to.

  • Oruo Bozad

A member of the Scout Regiment’s Special Operations Squad handpicked by Levi. He currently holds the record for most Titan subjugations within the Squad. He often imitates Levi’s speech mannerisms as a show of respect but he would, unfortunately, stumble over his own words.

  • Petra Rall

A member of the Scout Regiment’s Special Operations Squad handpicked by Levi. Although she has a small build, she currently holds the record for most subjugation assists within the Squad. She seems to have known Oruo, another member of the Special Operations Squad, for a long time as the two are very blunt with one another.

  • Gunther Schultz
A member of the Scout Regiment’s Special Operations Squad handpicked by Levi. He has absolute faith in both Levi and Erwin and would unflinchingly follow their every order. Though, he has a stern personality and would typically avoid having small talk with others.
  • Eld Gin

A member of the Scout Regiment’s Special Operations Squad handpicked by Levi. He acts as the Squad’s second-in-command and will typically lead them when Levi is absent. He does not focus on individual battle records believing that a soldier’s worth cannot be measured by their subjugation count.

  • Moblit

A member of a Scout Regiment squad under Hange’s leadership. He often acts as Hange’s assistant in her missions and at times, as her tamer whenever her hobbies ran wild.

And here’s the one returning character:

  • Christa Lenz

A graduate of the 104th Cadet Corps wherein she graduated tenth of her year. With a peculiar goodness that even animals were oddly drawn to, she was popular among the 104th who often called her a “Goddess”. She is also often seen at a loss dealing with her friend, the foul-mouthed, troublemaking Ymir.

And as mentioned in a previous report, Attack on Titan 2 lets you create your very own character. As a full member of the Scout Regiment, they can battle through the stories of both seasons of the Attack on Titan anime series!

Finally, here’s the latest batch of screenshots and artworks:

Attack on Titan 2 (Switch) comes out in March, worldwide.



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