Zero Time Dilemma to be unveiled next month


Kotaro Uchikoshi just clarified that the unveiling wouldn’t take place at the Game Developers Conference itself, but simply during the conference (at another venue). We updated our post to reflect this.

***Zero Time DilemmaZero Time Dilemma (the third entry in the Zero Escape series) was announced back in July, but we haven’t seen anything about the game yet. All we have is some artworks for some of the participants (along with the main artwork), but that’s pretty much it. A few weeks ago, Kotaro Uchikoshi told a fan on Facebook that we would see some “surprising videos” before Spring, and he really wasn’t lying.

Zero Time Dilemma UchikoshiToday, Kotaro Uchikoshi announced that Zero Time Dilemma would get an “unveiling presentation” next month, during the Game Developer Conference next month (which takes place on March 14-18th, in San Francisco). In other words: we are finally going to see what the game is like (most likely with a trailer). NB: the presentation will happen during the GDC, but not at the GDC (any time between March 14th and March 18th).

Kotaro Uchikoshi invites journalists to contact Aksys Games for more detailed information (and most likely to arrange interviews), and explains that in doing so, they might be able to play the game “faster than everyone else”. Does that mean the game will be playable after the presentation? It certainly looks like it!

No doubt Aksys Games will make an announcement with the date and time for the unveiling presentation within the next few days/weeks!

Zero Time Dilemma (3DS) comes out on this Summer in Europe and North America.

Source: Kotaro Uchikoshi



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