Zero Time Dilemma: some new screenshots

Zero Time DilemmaEarlier today, Spike-Chunsoft uploaded a video retrospective of the Zero Escape series, that you can find in this post. And it turns out that the Steam page for Zero Time Dilemma also went live this morning. But why are we talking about the PC version of the game, on a Nintendo-focused website? Well, it’s because said Steam page feature over a dozens screenshots, including many which are brand new.

The screenshots below show various cinema scenes, escape sections, and Decision Games. We also get a good look at several flowcharts (the last three screenshots in the gallery below), with:

  • the Fragment Select screen we’ve already seen several times in previous reports;
  • the Fragment Flowchart, which shows the flowchart within a particular fragment. It shows the various paths within a given segment, allowing you to know how many times you need to replay it to see all possible paths;
  • the Global Flowchart, with different icons for each part (cinema, Decision Game, etc.). As you can see, the flowchart is not revealed in a linear way, like in Virtue’s Last Reward, which is something Kotaro Uchikoshi already mentioned several times before.

Here’s the latest screenshots for Virtue’s Last Rewards, from the PC version of the game (be careful of potential spoilers!):

Zero Time Dilemma (3DS) comes out on June 27th in Europe and North America, and June 30th in Japan.

Source: Steam


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