Yo-kai Watch Busters: second trailer, new screenshots

With roughly two weeks to go until release, Level-5 has revealed a brand new trailer (the second one) for Yo-kai Watch Busters. As mentionned before, it’s a stand-alone release of the multiplayer mode from Yo-kai Watch 2: Ganso / Honke / Shin Uchi, but with additional elements (such as new Yo-kai and Yo-kai bosses).

The trailer below shows some gameplay, from the Single Player and the multiplayer (playable online, with up to 4 players). Apparently, there’s even special challenges included, such as the Big Boss mode. In total, there’s over 400 Yo-kai in the game, as well as some brand new Yo-kai bosses (such as Prison Breaker and G-Baba).

Here’s the trailer for the game:

Here’s some additional details from the game’s official page on Nintendo’s website: the game does support stereoscopic 3D, and it’s possible to create up to 3 save files. Both StreetPass and SpotPass are supporter, and the former allows players to exchange data with people they meet. As for multiplayer, it’s playable both locally and online (from 2 to 4 players).

Finally, here’s some screenshots:

As bonus, here’s a promotion movie for the new set of Yo-kai Watch medals, based on Yo-kai Watch Busters (after the break!):


Yo-kai Watch Busters (3DS) comes out on July 11th in Japan.



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