Dai Gyakuten Saiban: screenshots, new character videos, more tweets

Character video: Iris Watson

Today, Capcom uploaded a new character video for Dai Gyakuten Saiban: Naruhodou Ryuunosuke no Bouken, and this time around, it’s Iris Watson who is introduced. Unfortunately, the video is only available in Japanese for now, but we should have some translations before the end of the week!

Some details and screenshots

Today, Nintendo opened the page for Dai Gyakuten Saiban: Naruhodou Ryuunosuke no Bouken on its official website. There’s nothing really new in there, just a couple of minor details about the game and some screenshots. First, the price: the game is actually a bit cheaper when bought on the Nintendo eShop (5,990 Yen) vs at retail (6 264 Yen).

The page also confirms that the game is only playable in Single Player, but you can actually make two save files. What’s more, stereoscopic 3D is supported, just like SpotPass (which will allow players to get notifications from Capcom). Finally, there will be additional content to download (which is something that was already announced a couple of months ago).

Finally, here’s the new screenshots for the game:

Source: Nintendo

Head after the break for some more tweets from Shu Takumi!

Shu Takumi

On Monday morning, Shu Takumi went to have a drink with some friends who joined Capcom at the same time as he did. Hideki Kamiya was one of them, and together, they reminisced about the time they joined the company.

He notes that the meaning of the world “nostalgic” really does change as you grow older. For example, the 20 years that Shu Takumi and his friends have spent in the gaming world are totally different for someone who is still in his 20s. He then talks about a song from The Checkers, that makes him very nostalgic, and asks himself whether a person in their 20s nowadays would be able to understand the lyrics if they listened to the song.

He gives us some examples (NB: the song is called “Namida no Request”, if you’re interested in checking it out):

“My wish inside this last coin MIDNIGHT DJ” (← why a coin?).
“Turn the dial to reach that girl to say you love her” (← what is a dial?)
“Up the volume of the transistor” (← Transistor?).
“The silver rocket I sent you” (←sending a rocket?)

That sort of thing really bothers him, which is why he always tries to use language that will never get outdated (which is almost impossible, actually). But in truth, it’s hard to tell what will become “dead language”, and when.

After that, he shows us a pics of the special edition:

And here’s the Sherlock Holmes’ trunk from the e-Capcom Limited Edition:

Today, Shu Takumi was at a press conference for the real-life escape game that he’s already talked about several times in the past. Apparently, there even was a special performance for guests, though he said he wasn’t to take part and would simply watch from the shadows.

Source: Shu Takumi
Thanks to Court-Records for the translations!


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