Yo-kai Watch 3: plenty of new details + screens, trailers, opening, footage, more

Today, Level-5 shared plenty of additional details about Yo-kai Watch 3, covering some of the areas, new modes for the Yo-kai Watch Dream, new characters, new mini-games, internet features, and more! Also, don’t forget to check out the new trailers, the opening movie, the footage, and the TV Commercials from today’s Level-5 livestream on NicoNico!

Yo-kai Watch 3Opening

First, here’s some screenshots from the opening movies (each version gets a different opening and song):

New areas

The two areas showcased today are located in the USA:

  • North Pista District: located by a river. There, you can find a ferry, a circus, a basketball court, a playground, and more.
  • Walner Village: looks like it was taken from a Western flick. In that area, there’s also a spoof of Mount Rushmore, several western-like facilities (including a bar), and more.

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Yo-kai Watch Dream

As mentioned previously, you can change the core parts of the Yo-kai Watch Dream, in order to use it in a different way. Today, Level-5 shared details about two additional modes:

  • Specter Drill: allows you to dig through rocks. Depending on the Yo-kai medal you use, you get a different drill (fire, etc.)
  • Yo-kai Cleaner: a Yo-kai version of those famous robot cleaners. When you put it in an area, it will wander around and pick up any items and Yo-kai medal on the ground. It can talk, too!

Treasure Hunt

During the USA part of the adventure, you will receive some treasure maps from an old man called Mr. Boxes. You then have to try and find the location indicated on the maps, and the chest hidden there. But to open the chests, you need to play a mini-game in order to open the lock. To do it, you need to pay special attention to your timing, and hit the little bars inside at the right time. It looks like there’s a time limit, too!

Music Mini Games

As mentioned last time, Yo-kai Watch 3 will have some music mini games. Here’s those showcased today:

  • NyaKB Live: you can participate in a live show with the NyaKB group;
  • KJ Rap: you can participate in rap battles at the Clubhouse, with KJ. The higher your score (thanks to combo), the more pumped up the audience will be:
  • Poltergheist: you have to dance with the Yo-kai in the Haunted Mansion (in the USA).

Internet features

Just like the previous entries, Yo-kai Watch 3 will let you trade with and battle against other players via local wireless. But of course, you will also be able to do the same online! Today, Level-5 detailed some of the internet features:

  • Internet battles;
  • Trading: you can trade Yo-kai medals with other players. Great to get those that are not available in your version.

Yo-kai YC Chip

The Yo-kai Dream Medals is the latest model of Yo-kai medals. Unlike the previous ones, they include a NFC chip (called YC chip), and you scan them in-game. Doing so has two effects:

  • you can get various bonuses in the game (such extra XP, advantages during battle, and more) when magic is released
  • you can summon some extremely rare Yo-kai.

Depending on where you use the medal, you “charge” various effects in the medal. Here’s some examples:

  • Yo-kai Watch 3 – Sushi: Troubled Waters magic, Ebisu
  • Yo-kai Watch 3 – Tempura: Lightning magic, Benzaiten
  • DX Yo-kai Watch Dream: Scorching Heat magic, Bishamonten
  • ???: Wind magic, Budai
  • Yo-kai Dream Roulette + Yo-kai Ukiukipedia Dream: Sandstorm magic, Daikokuten

Y Files

In previosu reports, we learned about mysterious events taking place in the USA side of the adventure. Keita Amano / Nate Adams will then meet two special agents from the FBY, who came to investigate.

The two agents are:

  • Murder (voiced by Masato Sakoi): a pretty talkative man, who has a deep interest in mysterious events, and believes in UFO. He just keeps saying “Wanna hear opinion?”
  • Kakuri (voiced by Nanao): a pretty intelligent woman, and a realist. Unlike her partner, she’s not really fond of mysterious events, and doesn’t believe in UFO.

Here’s the opening cutscene for the game, showing Murder and Kakuri on their way to investigate a mysterious crash:

Taiko Drum Master Collaboration

The Taiko Drum Master games gets collaborations with plenty of series/franchises/IPs, and the opposite is also true: plenty of series/franchises/IPs gets collaborations with the Taiko Drum Master series.

And Yo-kai Watch 3: Sushi / Tempura will get its own collaboration with Taiko Drum Master. Don-chan will appear in the game, and players will be able to play a special rhythm mini-game.


Yoraku is the name of a luxurious Yo-kai restaurant that appears in the game if you link both versions of Yo-kai Watch 3. It looks like you will be able to get a special item, and enjoy the performance of a rather unusual Yo-kai.

Gachacoins distribution

After launch, Level-5 will distribute Gachacoins via SpotPass every week, and for a full year. You can use those Gachacoins at the Gacha Machine (Capsule Toy Machine) in order to get Yo-kai. There’s various types of Gachacoin, and each type gives you a higher chance to get Yo-kai from a specific tribe:

  • Red Gachacoin: Brave tribe (ex: Kotarou)
  • Yellow Gachacoin: Mysterious tribe (ex: Snowrabee)
  • Orange Gachacoin: Tough tribe (ex: El Sharkro)
  • Peach Gachacoin: Charming tribe (ex: Gekkiakara Boy)
  • Green Gachacoin: Heartful tribe (ex: Kung-Fu Mach)
  • Blue Gachacoin: Shady tribe (ex: Dr. Kagemura)
  • Purple Gachapoin: Eerie tribe (ex: Phantom)
  • Light Blue Gachapoin: Slippery tribe (ex: Dojira)

Early purchase bonus

Players who buy the game before September 16th will get an early purchase bonus set, which includes:

  • 1 Special coin (allows you to easily get a S-Rank Yo-kai)
  • 1 Five Stars coin (increase your chances to get a S-Rank Yo-kai)
  • 8 Gachacoins

In-store events

After launch, various stores will distribute Dokidoki Coins (lit. Heart pounding coins) via their Wi-fi Hotspots. Those coins can also be used with the Gacha Machine / Toys Capsule Machine, greatly increasing your chances (but not guaranteeing) of getting specific Yo-kai.

Here’s the stores participating:

  • 7-Eleven (from July 16th to August 31st): Dokidoki Coin (Mystic), allowing you to easily get Phantom or Shutendouji
  • Ito-Yokado (from July 16th to August 31st): Dokidoki Coin (Mysterious), allowing you to easily get Gakikara Boy or Dr. Kagemura
  • Tsutaya (from July 16th to September 30th): Dokidoki Coin (Soul), allowing you to easily get Kung-Fu Mach or Karasu-Tengu

Trailers, TV commercials, gameplay footage

Next, here’s the latest trailer for the game (with Sushi / Tempura versions):

Next, here’s some gameplay footage:

Here’s two TV Commercials (featuring the voice actor for Murder), and a Making of video:




Finally, here’s the new Ending song for the Yo-kai Watch anime series:

Yo-kai Watch 3: Sushi / Tempura (3DS) comes out on July 16th in Japan.

Source: Dengeki


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