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XSEED: localisation/development blog post for Corpse Party / Exile’s End

Yesterday, Tom from XSEED posted a localisation blog post for Corpse Party and Exile’s End. He explains why releasing those two games has been taking so long, especially since the former has already been localised on other platforms, and the latter has already been released on Steam.

He also explains that Corpse Party is (another) pretty special game to him: in fact, it’s thanks to him that XSEED decided to localise the PSP version in the first place.

As for Exile’s End (releasing on Wii U at a later date), we learn that Marvelous actually did help fund the original version (on Steam). Luckily for them, Matt Fielding (the creator) was also looking to port the game on consoles, and he wanted to improve it in the process.

The console version will include various enhancements and some extra content:

There are now more hidden treasures to be found, map features that have been altered to help make certain platforming sections flow a bit better, prominent sound effects added during cinematic cutscenes, and – most crucially – an endgame gauntlet that significantly expands upon the somewhat abrupt final encounter from the original PC release.

Unfortunately, no Wii U-specific features are mentioned, but maybe those will be revealed later when the Wii U version finally gets a release date.

Here’s some screenshots for Coprse Party (along with pictures of the Back to School Edition):

And here’s some screenshots for Exile’s End:

Click here to check out the full localisation/development blog post!

Corpse Party (3DS eShop) comes out on October 25th in North America, and October 26th in Europe.
Exile’s End (Wii U eShop) doesn’t have a release date yet.


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