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Xenoblade Chronicles X – Website update (April 23): Kizunagram, online features, images (w. translations)

Xenoblade Chronicles X comes out in less than a week in Japan (on April 29th), and today, Monolith Software has updated their official website for (most likely) the last time before the game’s launch. This time, there’s details about the Kizunagram, online features (such as Squads), but also screenshots and artworks!


Xenoblade Chronicles X will have a Kizunagram, which is the Japanese name of the Affinity Chart. Just like in Xenoblade Chronicles, it details the relationships between the various characters in the game, including the type of relationship, the strength of the bond between your MC and the other characters, the traits of the characters, and more.

About your bond with the other characters: if you raise it beyond a certain point, then those characters will grow even stronger. You’ll even be able to take on special Kizuna Quests, and get special events called Kizuna Talks (Heart to Heart in Xenoblade Chronicles).

Several events can cause the relationships to change:

– the choice you make will lead to different reactions from the characters;
– accepting and completing Kizuna Quests;
– completing Story and Normal Quests;
– completing Soul Voices;
– view Kizuna Talks.

Finally, you can also see your relationships with other players met via Network Mode.

Online features

As mentionned in previous interviews, the world of Xenoblade Chronicles X is described by the developers as being “loosely connected”. When you play while being connected to the internet, you will meet the avatars of others players in the field or in the B.L.A.D.E. Home Area.

You can scout those and add them to your party, but you’ll have to pay (in-game currency) for that. Obviously, the other players don’t control their avatars during that time. And yes, they can do the same with your own avatar, which will be able to accumulate XP. Since you don’t know who you’ll end up with, the developers kindly ask that players do their best while designing their avatar!


Squads are groups of up to 32 players, that you can join while playing (you need to be connected to the internet). Members of the same squad share Reports about their findings on the field, and they can even cooperate in battle.

There’s three different kinds of squads:

– Life Point Search Squads: for players who want to take their time and play the game on their own;
– Conquest Squads: for players who want to actively engage in multiplayer activities;
– Friend’s Squads: for players who want to play only with their friends.

NB: you can change your squad while playing. Also, you can add a squad member to your Favorites list, and later send them a Friend request.

Finally, there’s a feature called “Treasure Deal”: it allows players to give away/receive equipment obtained after battle. For more information about it, click here!

Short-story: B.L.A.D.E. Part #5

Part 5 of the B.L.A.D.E. short-story is available there (only in Japanese)!


Here’s some concept-art by CHOCO:


Here’s some screenshots showing various environments from Planet Mira:

Xenoblade Chronicles X (Wii U) comes out on April 29th in Japan, and later this year in Europe and north America.

Source: Xenoblade Chronicles X
Translation: Gessenkou


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