Xenoblade Chronicles X: Tetsuya Takahashi talks about fan feedback, Famitsu survey results (July 2nd)

Fan feedback

In the complete guidebook for Xenoblade Chronicles X (which recently came out in Japan), there’s a message from Tetsuya Takahashi in which he adresses some of the fan feedback regarding the game. While this may seem surprising at first, he actually agrees with most of it, including the negative details. For example, he agrees that the story in Xenoblade Chronicles X could have been more “passionante” and rich (like in the previous titles he worked on).

Apparently, the UI was a bit difficult to use, and the text being really small in some parts really didn’t help. Fans also criticized how tedious it could be to invite other party members, and the fact that the online features could have been a tad more “lively”. Finally, some players found the battle system a tad busy, with lots going on on the screen.

For Tetsuya Takahashi, there were quite a few things Monolith Software couldn’t do with Xenoblade Chronicles X, due to them being late in the development of a HD game (compared to other companies). That being said, he explains that some of the issues were unavoidable, due to the need to take the next step and move forwards.

Source: Siliconera

Famitsu survey

In its latest issue (which came out on Thursday), Famitsu published the result of a survey about Xenoblade Chronicles X.

Over 1 200 players answered that questionnaire, which allows us to see how the game was received among Famitsu readers (including the various aspects they liked). Kotaku has translated the various graphs from the magazine, and you will find some them below. Check out their article for additional details and the rest of the graphs!

Source: Kotaku

Xenoblade Chronicles X (Wii U) will come out on December 4th in North America, and in December in Europe.


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