Wargroove: Commander Spotlight (Valder)

Earlier this week, the developers of Wargroove posted the latest devblog update for the game. In this one, they’re introducing another Commander you will get to command in the game: Valder.

In the game, there is a nation located in the bitterly cold mountains (to the south of the continent), known for their shambling corpses and various other undead fiends. There, the Felheim Legion reigns supreme. Travelers only hope to avoid meeting them on the open road, but it’s the total opposite for would-be heroes, who want only one thing: meet them in battle.

The Felheim Legion is governed by the necromancer Valder.

Here’s a brief introduction:

Control over the vast masses of the undead falls to whoever wields the Fell Gauntlet, and Valder secured it at a young age. A master in the necromantic arts, Valder even created the commander Ragna from the remains of countless skilled warriors, so that he can designate military matters to her. To him, the bloodthirsty hordes of skeleton soldiers are like his children, even if they tend to lack proper etiquette (and some brains).

In battle, Valder uses the powerful magic from the Fell Gauntlet to wipe out his opponents, using but one hand.

Here’s what this joyful fellow looks like:

Wargroove (Switch – eShop) does not have a release date yet.

Source: official blog



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