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Wargroove 2 (Switch): all the updates (latest: Ver. 1.2.7)

On this page, you will find all there is to know about the various updates for Wargroove 2 on Nintendo Switch (originally released in October 2023 in North America and Europe, and March 2024 in Japan)!

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Wargroove 2 – Ver. 1.2.7

  • Release date: June 11th 2024 (North America, Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:
Gameplay Changes:
  • Made Commander + Unit Balance Changes in 1.2.7
  • Emeric:
    • Tier 2 now has slow charge time, increased from fast.
  • Wulfar:
    • Tier 2 now has a medium charge time, increased from fast.
  • Valder:
    • Tier 2 skeleton boost is 150% damage instead of 200% damage on all skeletons.
  • Units
    • Trebuchet: Damage vs. structures reduce by 15%
Bug Fixes:
  • Addressed the game crash that occurred after suspending a multiplayer game
  • Resolved connection error that arose when a player exited the game by pressing the home button and then re-entering
  • Fixed pressing unused gamepad buttons leading to a soft-lock in multiplayer map selection
  • Fixed Cancel button stopped working after showing a validation error for user-generated maps
  • Fixed performance issue when walking around on a story map for some extended time
  • Fixed the game crash that followed leaving and re-entering the game using the Switch home button
  • Rectified multiplayer filter menu issues with biomes erasing themselves and time of day being erased
  • Resolved issues with Ancient warning lore being locked but lore title could be observed
  • Fixed issue where Airtroopers could land on each other
  • Fixed bug when killing an enemy harpy in a group kill with Nadia’s groove in the Rising Tide campaign Act 2 Mission 1: King’s Cove spawns a new riverboat on every enemy move
  • Addressed Russian localisation issues
  • Fixed instances where Conquest unlocks Achievement had a higher counter than number of actual unlocks
  • Fixed render error for units with item equipped overlapping the map border area
  • Fixed AI sometimes picking unit type it can’t afford with conversion school
  • Event Editor showed missing strings – this has been resolved
  • Resolved visual bugs with units equipped with items, especially if placed at the top of the map
  • Resolved missing symbol in the Ancient warning, codex
  • Conquest was taking 1 extra gold when buying units with Koji – this has been addressed
  • Fixed malfunction of Elodie tentacles in the turn after taking over the Kraken – Kraken now untangles itself on the player’s turn when they regain control
  • Revised the text description for marksman unit critical hit in languages other than English, which was showing as the WG1 description
  • Key Artist has been localized in all languages
  • Fixed shouts for Faahri and Pirate units, which were using the Floran variants in custom cutscene tools.
  • Rectified Pistil’s T2 groove spawning glowing orbs
  • Groove boost unlock now grants commanders the correct T1 groove
  • Custom difficulty tile now stays selected if this was the last chosen difficulty setting
  • Unlocking perks in conquest are now being saved properly
  • Dark Mercia Codex entries get unlocked after unlocking Dark Mecia with conquest shards
  • Elodie now receives the groove boost perk when a player plays a long intro – this issue also affected Vesper and has now been resolved
  • Resolved error that occurred when recruiting Air Trooper unit in A1M1 after closing the recruit menu
  • Fixed inconsistent UI hint system for 4th puzzle in S2M4
  • Bulrush objective is no longer marked as successful when Bulrush is attacked
  • Fixed incorrect unit order for a spectator when the last human player resigns from a 4-player match
  • Game crash during an interactive level while attempting to go back up the map has been addressed
  • Solved Pistil bolt issue when it split into 2 or more
  • Groove charges are now correct when using Groove Boost
  • Emeric’s T2 groove effect no longer persists after the crystal dies
  • Fixed issue where the close button in Mods tab was non-functional
  • The issue with mod list text being invisible when not highlighted has been fixed

Wargroove 2 – Ver. 1.2.6

  • Release date: March 13th 2024 (North America, Europe)
  • Patch notes:
  • Japanese language added
  • Fix occasional crash when loading into conquest maps, or launching maps from the editor
  • Fix movement of Pegasus and Turtle units when ambushed in fog of war. These units are allowed to move into FoW if the target tile is not blocked. If it is, the unit is considered “ambushed” and placed on the last free tile in its path of movement.
  • Fix all HQ structures, not just the one of the current player, regaining health on each turn
  • Fix map design issues in Pearlescent Valley
  • No more combat preview tooltips or target highlights for enemy units not in line of sight of Riflemen
  • Objective texts are now updated properly when changing the language during a match
  • Tooltips in the unit info UI now always use the correct commander icon
  • Audio: changing tabs in codex does not play the sound FX twice
  • Audio: stop active music track when loading map editor
  • Audio: fix double sound FX with interaction menu in maps with free movement
  • Fixed quick play rating sometimes not updated if first player abandons the match (note: this is a server-side change and has been patched for *all* versions already)
  • Fixed bug which could cause performance problems and crashes when stacking buffs on units, for example with ranged units holding an attack boosting item and Emeric’s tier 2 groove
  • Tenri’s groove can not target kraken, its tentacles, and tentacled units anymore
  • Tornado and push/pull abilities can not target immovable units anymore, for example the crystal spawned by the Twins’ groove
  • Fixed list of units (tentacles, crystals spawned by Twins) not convertible by Elodies groove
  • Fixed Pistils tier 2 groove behaving weirdly when used by AI
  • Neutral structures do not take damage anymore by slamming units into them
  • Fixed graphics effect of tentacles wrapped around units not being removed sometimes
  • Fixed bug in “The General” mission which could cause a story dialogue to be skipped
  • Fixed scripting bug which could cause bridges fail to spawn in “A Great Fall”
  • The correct weather setting is now shown in match info of a multiplayer lobby
  • Updated incorrect description texts of Nuru and Twins on commander selection screen
  • Fixed exit confirmation dialog opened twice when pressing ESC key in title screen
  • Fixed crash rendering preview image for custom maps in map selection screen
  • Fixed crash trying to run misconfigured unit actions on custom maps
  • Conquest: Fixed various bugs with the kraken mini boss and its tentacles
  • Conquest: Fixed smoke screen effect persisting until end of map
  • Conquest: Fixed issues caused by units loaded into transport units. Units are now unloaded automatically when progressing to the next event.
  • Conquest: Fixed units playing wrong animations sometimes after loading a new map
  • Conquest: Prevent some situations where the player was able to walk backwards on the world map
  • Conquest: Commander icon is now shown, instead of Knight, in the “vulnerable” section of unit info UI
  • Editor: fix waterfall decoration changing position when switching to Dungeon biome
  • Editor: in the unit palette tool, cycling through neutral faction does not reset the current selection to Soldier anymore
  • Editor: fix ghost shadows when switching maps in the campaign map editor
  • Editor: fixed cutscene dialogue box cutting through overlapping UI elements
  • Editor: fixed unit facing option not working correctly if language isn’t set to English
  • Editor: Fixed crash when trying to edit properties of treasure chest

Wargroove 2 – Ver. 1.2.5 – Multiplayer Ranking Update

  • Release date: November 30th 2023 (North America, Europe)
  • Patch notes:

Multiplayer Ranking + Changes to Quickplay experience

This update we wanted to focus on improving Wargroove 2’s multiplayer experience. Now when you enter the Multiplayer section of the game, a new ‘player rating’ is now visible. This rating is used in matchmaking. If you haven’t played a quickplay match before the rating will start at 1200. After finishing a quickplay match, a new screen has been introduced detailing how your rating has changed based on the previous match.

Quickplay Map Pool

For this update we lowered the amount of quickplay maps in rotation to give players a better chance of learning them, and removed some maps which weren’t a good design-fit for quickplay. We will be rotating the pool of maps for subsequent updates/seasons, so for now, please find below the selection of quickplay maps now in rotation for this season:

  • Wyvern Isles
  • Brimouth
  • Life in 19×19
  • Moonlight Meadows
  • Heartsong Gardens
  • Dusty Oasis
  • Ban Ban Beaches
  • Harmonious Hideout
  • Brimwin Valley
  • Snowdrift Harbour
  • Pearlescent Valley
  • Lost in Riparia

Other updates to Multiplayer include:

  • Quickplay will now play a different music when queuing for a match. Once a match has been found a notification sound will play.
  • When a player abandons a lobby during quickplay, a more descriptive message is now displayed to the other player.
  • Players now have 90s instead of 60s to ready when a quickplay lobby has been found

Balancing Changes

  • Kraken: Cost increased (750g->850g) and they receive more damage from water units.
  • Ragna: Tier 1 now charges at Medium speed down from Slow.
  • Nadia: Both tiers charge at Slow speed now.
  • Nuru: Nuru’s Tier 2 affects now all recruiting structures.
  • Valder: Tier 1 now charges at Medium speed, up from Fast.
  • Caesar: Tier 2 now charges at Very Slow speed, up from Slow.

The following multiplayer maps have seen tweaks in this update:

  • Pearlescent Valley
  • Lost in Riparia
  • Moonlight Meadows
  • Ban Ban Beaches Beyond
  • Brimouth Channel
  • Brightfall Plains
  • Frostbite Plains
  • Swamp of the Damned


  • Vespers groove has received several fixes and should now work as intended
  • Fix bug that would sometimes prevent recruiting with the Enter key
  • Fixed Zawan’s supercharged vines showing missing description when right clicked.
  • Fix various navigation bugs when using arrow keys to navigate recruit/map lists
  • Fix optional Kraken crit objective being wrongly rewarded in “Return to Eight-Arm Bay”
  • Fix target portals not being available to use for team mates
  • Fix crash bug that could occur if player placed Lytra at a specific spot during the second prologue mission
  • Fix softlock that could occurred when player cancelled progress during tutorial campaign.
  • Optional objective in “The Fortress” is now properly fulfilled if enemy commander is defeated with the twin’s groove
  • UI: Fixed Tenri’s groove icon
  • Ultra widescreen monitors are now better supported
  • Controller: Improved usability in editor by showing button mapping for functions like undo/redo and toggling symmetry tools.
  • Improved visual readability of Vesper’s and Errol & Orla’s grooves
  • Fixed issue that caused Ryota’s groove often not being available in Fog of War maps
  • Neutral structures no longer take push/pull knock-on damage
  • Fixed a bug which could cause desync and “Invalid unit order” crashes in multiplayer
  • Fixed occasional crash after leaving multiplayer lobby screen
  • Updated translations for the Power Gauntlet item description to match its actual properties
  • Fixed a few spelling errors in all languages
  • We have made some updates to the server to help with issues people have been having in multiplayer.
  • Kraken units can no longer tentacle other tentacles
  • Editor: Fixed issue that caused placed units to be invisible on very large maps
  • Editor: Fixed crash issue with controllers that could occur when deleting triggers and conditions
  • Editor: Fixed missing strings in “Units: Verbs used” condition
  • Editor: Removed a few placeholder items in “Display tutorial box” action properties
  • Editor: Fixed several objects being misaligned with the mouse cursor when placing
  • Editor: Fixed “invalid config error” that could occur equipping certain items in the editor
  • Editor: Fix neutral units causing crash when using Unit Action event trigger action.
  • Editor: Fixed several inconsistencies with groove charge. The editor should now properly reflect the game’s use of groove in %.
  • Editor: Fixed Valder’s (No Glove) and Lytra’s (No Harp) voice over lines being wrong.
  • Editor: Several story props have been made available that were previously hidden
  • Editor: Removed “Delete All Progress” option from editor
  • Fixed issue that caused a certain fish not being unlockable when using Mercival’s groove
  • Fixed crash that could occur in conquest mode when transitioning levels
  • Fixed issue that caused items to be purchased immediately when selecting in merchant
  • Fixed issue that caused a crash when purchasing discounted merchant items
  • Fixed various typos in codex and game in general
  • Fixed a visual gap in the tile info screen that appeared for several water units
  • Fixed bug in “Firebird & The Oaracle” that would cause no music to be played during this level after skipping the intro
  • Fixed issue in last mission that marked unsafe tiles as safe.
  • Fixed buggy beach texture in “Ice Low Water” biome
  • Fix custom difficulty description not updating properly on change
  • Removed duplicate tracks from jukebox that had appeared under a different name
  • Fixed crash that could occur when quickly clicking buttons in conquest menus
  • Conquest: Fixed a merchant in Felheim conquest not being interactable
  • Conquest: Fixed several issues in Saffron Isles prisoner event
  • Conquest: Fixed issue in Training Camp events when player didn’t have troops available to train
  • Conquest: Fixed issue in unit transformation event that caused dialogues to go out of order
  • Conquest: Fixed issue that caused several events to not show their Fog of War status correctly
  • Conquest: Unlock icon no longer shows exclamation mark when there’s nothing left to unlock
  • Conquest: Fixed issue in item duplication event that could cause player to be offered the choice to duplicate more than once.
  • Conquest: Fixed issue that allowed player to give money to Fritz, even if they had none.
  • Conquest: During unit duplication event, player is now returned to the conquest map right away if they decline the offer
  • Conquest: Fix soft-lock when player was facing a witch as the only remaining enemy with no means to defeat it
  • Conquest: Fix issue that caused Emeric to have full groove charge on start of conquest
  • Conquest: Fix issue that caused units to not retain their item abilities when they get transformed/changed to new unit types
  • Conquest: Fix possible softlock after finishing the Donut + Fenris fight.
  • Conquest: Fix artwork of training camps being swapped.
  • Conquest: Fix occurence of unit stacking
  • Conquest: Fix several issues in the Prisoner event map during the Saffron Isles conquest.
  • Conquest: Fixed Amphibian Lucky Coin (“Alacrity”) to correctly show +1 movement instead of +2.
  • Conquest: Fixed crash that could occur during the Unit Transformation event
  • Conquest: Merchant dogs can no longer be moved by player
  • Additional notes: once updated you won’t be able to join lobbies, or continue ongoing games which were opened with previous patches.
  • Source: Chucklefish

Wargroove 2 – Ver. 1.2.3

  • Release date: October 18th 2023 (North America, Europe)
  • Patch notes:
  • Fixed softlock that could occur at the end of “Perfectly Natural”
  • Fixed softlock if you had more than one Commander present at the end of a Conquest.
  • Fixed crash that could occur during “High Noon”
  • Fixed crash that could occur when the twin’s groove despawned
  • Fixed a crash when spectating a game that finishes
  • Fixed a crash on double clicking on Campaign selection screen
  • Fixed crash when a unit was blocking Koji during optional objective sequence in “Cry for Help”
  • Fixed issue that could cause player to lose during “Perfectly Natural” even though they should’ve won
  • Fixed issue that could cause random unit disappearing when the twin’s groove despawned
  • Fixed an issue that caused trigger actions to not be scrollable in the editor when using controllers
  • Multiplayer Map: Harmonious Hideout now has both parties with trebuchets enabled
  • Fixed bug that caused bonus star not to be applied in “A Great Fall”
  • Fixed pointer arrow not disappearing in “…” mission during Dark Skies campaign
  • Fixed player wrongly being awarded optional objective in “Capn’ Sourcheeks” when they have not succeeded in achieving this
  • Fixed a bug that caused Phil & Cylinder not fading in properly during a cutscene
  • Fixed optional objective not being awarded in “Return to Eight-Arm Bay”
  • Fixed spelling error in the objective of “Return to Eight-Arm Bay”
  • Fixed asterisk in Pirate Harpoon Ship Entry
  • Fixed Shosa’s name label during cutscene
  • Added a bunch of backgrounds and assets to the cutscene editor that appear in the campaign
  • Commander-less factions are now available in the editor to use
  • Fixed a missing objective string in “…” during the Dark Skies campaign
  • Fixed a rouge pixel in the road tileset assets
  • Fixed an issue that made some selections in multiplayer settings hard to navigate with a controller
  • Fixed visual defects in the castle of “Cry for Help”
  • Fix crash bug that occurred when using Wulfar’s supercharged groove in Fog of War
  • Fixed a softlock that could occur in “A Great Fall”
  • Fixed UI location still being visible at the end of “A Great Fall”
  • Fixed crash that could occur with Kraken’s tentacle ability
  • Elodie can no longer target tentacles with her groove.
  • Frog AI will now respect Fog of War
  • Conquest: Fixed wrong tile info visible in some merchant events
  • Conquest: All towers now have 4 tiles for spawning air troopers.
  • Conquest: Fixed issue that caused Caesar’s movement buff in supercharged groove to stay past current level
  • Conquest: Fixed mages spawning outside the map’s border in certain maps

Wargroove 2 – Ver. 1.2.2

  • Release date: October 11th 2023 (North America, Europe)
  • Patch notes:

No patch notes available. This update brings the following to the game:

  • fixes frequent freezes
  • re-enables cross-play with PC
  • updates Home menu icon

How to download updates for Wargroove 2 for the Nintendo Switch?

To download the updates for Wargroove 2, you have three options:

  • let the console do its thing if you have automatic downloads activated, and didn’t completely turn it off

If not…

  • try to launch the game from the Home Menu while being connected to the internet. You should get a prompt when doing so: simply follow the instructions on screen;


  • select the game > press either + or – to go to the Options page > select Software update > select Via the Internet.

To check that you have the latest version installed, simply select the game on the Home Menu, and press – or + to go to the Options: the version number is displayed just below the game title.


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