Theatrhythm Dragon Quest: some additional info on Sugoroku boards

Overall, Theatrhythm Dragon Quest looks pretty similar to the previous two Final Fantasy games: by completing songs, you get some Rhythm points. But the difference lies in what you can do with those points, as Theatrhythm Dragon Quest also allows you to:

– play on the Sugoroku Field;
– get Sugoroku tickets;
– get orbs, that you can use to unlock new characters.

For those who don’t know, Sugoroku is a type of Japanese board games not unlike Chute and Ladders, where the goal consists in reaching the end. Of course, there’s various gimmicks along the way (like stores, shortcuts, or traps that kick you out) , and you’re rewarded with orbs if you complete a board. If you do so, you can try to redo the same board, which doubles the reward… but be careful, as you’ll lose everything if you don’t succeed.

Player cards are also back, and on them, several details can be found: your comments and avatars, as well as your Top 3 characters / songs, play time and some various records. Of course, you can trade them with other players, and collecting them allows you to unlock more Sugoroku boards to play on.

Theatrhythm Dragon Quest (3DS) comes out on March 26th in Japan.

Source: Siliconera



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