The Caligula Effect 2: details for post-game content; latest trailer

FuRyu have shared some more details for The Caligula Effect 2, this time focusing on post-game content.

First: New Game+. This staple of JRPG allows you to keep the following when you start a new game:

  • Personality of the main character
  • Ki’s level
  • Going Home Club Level, Experience
  • Consumables
  • Stigma
  • Key Points
  • Ki Music
  • Affinity levels
  • Money
  • Quest progress
  • Playing time
  • Mastered skills

There’s also a feature that allows you to get a rematch against the Obbligato Musicians. Naturally, they are much tougher the second time around, but if you win, you will not only be able to get rare Stigma, but you will also get to enter the musicians’ Regret.

Finally, players looking for a challenge will be able to tackle the Prometheus Tower. It’s a special dungeon with 100 floors, and lots of strong enemies to battle. Getting to the very top isn’t going to be easy, due to the special conditions you need to deal with:

  • you cannot change party members
  • you cannot change equipment
  • you cannot bring items (you have to do with a limited selection of items)

Here’s some screenshots:

Finally, here’s the latest trailer for the game:

The Caligula Effect 2 (Switch) comes out on October 19th in North America, October 22nd in Europe, and October 29th Oceania.

Source: Gamer


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