[TGS 15] Ace Attorney 6: full version of the debut trailer reveals Apollo Justice


We added the official recording of the stage show for Ace Attorney 6, with direct-feed gameplay footage: you will find it below, just after the break!


The Tokyo Game Show 2015 is in full swing, with the first day for the general public today, and the various publishers are not quit done revealing new things it seems! This morning, Capcom uploaded the full version of the debut trailer for Ace Attorney 6, with an extra bit at the end: it shows that Apollo Justice will indeed be back in this new entry!

Here’s the full version of the debut trailer:

At the very end, we can see the silhouette of a mysterious character… is it the main prosecutor of the game?

During the second stage show for the game, streamed live on YouTube, some more minor details were revealed. The demo starts the same way as the one from Thursday, but we do learn that the victim is a treasure guard, who seems to have been killed while doing his job. During the Medium Vision segment, you can pause the vision in order to find and point out contradictions.

For her channelings, Leifa Padma Kurain needs to perform a ceremonial dance: apparently, the animation for this part was created using motion-capture, with the help of an actual dancer. Finally, Takeshi Yamazaki (Director) confirmed that the game would be surprising and challenging, and that Apollo Justice would play a major role.

Here is the age of the characters in the demo:

  • Leifa Padma Kurain: 14 years old
  • Bokuto: 9
  • Winston Payne: 56 years old, which confirms that Ace Attorney 6 takes place the year after Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies.

Head after the break for the official recording of the Tokyo Game Show 2015 stage show, with direct-feed gameplay footage!

Ace Attorney 6 (3DS) will come out next year in Japan. The European and North American release has already been confirmed.

Source: Court-Records



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