Tank Troopers releasing on February 16th in Europe; plenty of details + screens

A few days ago, Nintendo of America announced that Tank Troopers would be released on February 16th in North America. And it turns out that Europe will also get it on the same day: Nintendo announced it yesterday!

The official website was also launched, providing us with plenty of details about the game. There’s nothing that wasn’t mentioned on the official website in Japan (see this post), but if you’re in need of a refresher, keep reading!

Tank Troopers is a tank action game, where you can operate more than 30 different tanks on various maps, that features destructible elements, and more. The game offers a Single Player experience (30 objective-based missions), but also an extensive local multiplayer offerring for up to 6 players (unfortunately, there’s no online).

Naturally, the tanks you operate in this game are not really “normal” tanks: they can gain various special abilities depending on the troopers operating it. You can have up to 4 troopers per tank, and therefore 4 different abilities, depending on the type you chose.You can switch them on the fly via the touchscreen. To win, you will have to find the right balance between attack and defense.

Here’s some of the abilities you can get: increased firepower, improved mobility, paintballs to block the enemy’s view, on-the-fly repairing of your armour, and even freeze attacks to stop enemies in their tracks. Those abilities can be triggered simply by tapping the touchscreen, but be careful: you take more damage when they are activated, so don’t go and trigger them at random.

But besides those abilities, there’s also power-ups, that can be found everywhere on the maps. Here’s some examples of power-ups: you can disguise your tank as an inconspicuous shrub, replenish the stamina of your team’s Troopers, improve your reload times and more. Those may very well be the key to victory in many battles…

By the way, when onboard a tank, you can use your periscope to try and spot enemies at a distance. When you’ve spotted one, line up your shot (while taking distance into account), and fire. Unfortunately, you have to wait a little bit before being able to reload.

Oh, and don’t forget to take cover when you need a breather: you can do so behind constructions, inside shrubbery, and more. You can even claim the high ground, in order to literally dominate the battlefield. Just be careful, because some elements are destructible, and you might end up in a tight spot if an enemy destroys your cover and takes you unaware.

Here’s the various troopers you can hire to operate your tank in Tank Troopers:

  • Tred Hunter: A tank maniac and treasure hunter. His super-radar reveals all!
  • Blasting Cap: Sounds cute, looks kinda weird. His bombs pack a big wallop!
  • Stunner: His electric shocks stop enemies cold. Despite his appearance, he’s a nice guy.
  • Felicity: She’ll give your tank the speed of a wild beast. In fact, she’s a bit wild herself.
  • Big Gunnar: Boost your firepower! He looks scary, but he’s a family man at heart.
  • Smoski: Your tank will vanish into smoke: an ancient warrior’s technique.
  • Medica: She practices love and peace, even in war. Heals you and nearby allies.
  • About Face: His magnets disable enemy vehicles. He longs to build a palace of magnets.
  • Rapido: Quick on the draw, this party animal boosts your reload speeds.
  • Cold Warrior: A cold man from a colder country. His frigid blasts will ice your enemies.
  • Ty Phoon: This circus kid spins all the time! His tornadoes will defend you from attack.
  • Paintball: The most fashionable in his unit, his paintballs block the enemy’s view.
  • Chuck Dozer: Rough around the edges, but knows his business. Ram into the enemy!

As for tanks, there’s 30 different types you can chose from, with designs based on actual tank such as the Panzer of T-34. Naturally, you can customise them with paint jobs, if you want.

Here’s the complete list of tanks to be found in Tank Troopers:

  • KUI043 (Attack: 166 / Reload: 4.8 / Speed: 25 / Defense: 123 / Range: 200 / Turning speed: 4.2)
  • Light Angle (Attack: 75 / Reload: 3.6 / Speed: 33 / Defense: 95 / Range: 60 / Turning speed: 3.1)
  • Grand Master (Attack: 85 / Reload: 3.5 / Speed: 36 / Defense: 100 / Range: 120 / Turning speed: 3.1)
  • HTA-S129 (Attack: 129 / Reload: 3.2 / Speed: 40 / Defense: 119 / Range: 160 / Turning speed: 2.1)
  • T-Rex (Attack: 123 / Reload: 4.3 / Speed: 26 / Defense: 168 / Range: 103 / Turning speed: 3.5)
  • Little Bear (Attack: 64 / Reload: 2.8 / Speed: 42 / Defense: 55 / Range: 45 / Turning speed: 2.1)
  • Striker (Attack: 70 / Reload: 2.5 / Speed: 50 / Defense: 60 / Range: 48 / Turning speed: 1.2)
  • Riceball (Attack: 166 / Reload: 4.8 / Speed: 25 / Defense: 123 / Range: 200 / Turning speed: 4.2)
  • Battle Frog (Attack: 50 / Reload: 3.2 / Speed: 47 / Defense: 40 / Range: 38 / Turning speed: 2.3)
  • Crawler II (Attack: 60 / Reload: 2.3 / Speed: 42 / Defense: 50 / Range: 35 / Turning speed: 2.3)
  • Guardian (Attack: 70 / Reload: 3.5 / Speed: 37 / Defense: 68 / Range: 55 / Turning speed: 1.9)
  • Knight IX (Attack: 90 / Reload: 3.2 / Speed: 40 / Defense: 78 / Range: 80 / Turning speed: 2.8)
  • Hopper (Attack: 112 / Reload: 2.2 / Speed: 40 / Defense: 40 / Range: 20 / Turning speed: 1.9)
  • Mark Eleven (Attack: 90 / Reload: 2.5 / Speed: 40 / Defense: 90 / Range: 55 / Turning speed: 2)
  • Riceball II (Attack: 95 / Reload: 2.5 / Speed: 46 / Defense: 88 / Range: 78 / Turning speed: 1.9)
  • Shell Shock (Attack: 105 / Reload: 3 / Speed: 28 / Defense: 76 / Range: 110 / Turning speed: 2.2)
  • Big Puppy (Attack: 90 / Reload: 2.5 / Speed: 28 / Defense: 70 / Range: 52 / Turning speed: 2.6)
  • Devil Cat (Attack: 88 / Reload: 2.5 / Speed: 45 / Defense: 90 / Range: 55 / Turning speed: 1.5)

As for the types of maps to be found, Nintendo showcases the following:

  • Port
  • Old City
  • Desert
  • Stadium
  • Countryside

Finally, there’s game modes. Here’s everything available:

  • Single Player: 30 missions that will test your abilities
  1. Custom Tank mode: you can come up with your own crew, using the vehicles and Troopers unlocked;
  2. Take Orders mode: you have to tackle missions with a pre-determined loadout;
  • Ranked Matches: for up to 6 players (Team Battles and Free-for-All);
  • Bomb Battle: you and other players have to roll a giant bomb into your opponents’ base by shooting at it. The first team to bomb their opponents’ hideout twice win;

Finally, here’s some screenshots and footage for Tank Troopers:

Tank Troopers (3DS – eShop) comes out on February 16th in Europe and North America. The Upcoming Releases page has been updated!

Source: Nintendo



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