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Swords & Soldiers II: Daily Duel #18, #19 and #20

Just like the first game (released on WiiWare), Swords & Soldiers II is a real-time strategy game. After over a year of waiting (it was originally announced back in February 2014, after all), the game is finally available on the Nintendo eShop. It came out in Europe and North America on Thursday, last week, and you can check out the official launch trailer in this post!


Ahead of the game’s launch, Ronimo Games used a series of “Daily Duel” video to promote it. The concept of those videos is pretty simple: pit two groups of units against each other, and see who wins in the end. When they started it, they announced that it would only last until the game’s launch… but Swords & Soldiers II came out already and the developers at Ronimo Games are still uploaded new Daily Duel videos!

The 18th Duel Video pits 1 Genie + 2 Nagas + 4 Sand Witches + Polymorph + Freyja’s Blessing + Ooga Booga spells against 3 Desert Stalkers + 3 Berserkers + 3 Spearthrowers + 1 Electric Elder + 1 Fakir.

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The 19th Daily Duel video pits 1 Helga + 4 Master Chefs + 4 Berserkers + 1 Sand Witchagainst 1 Siege Troll + 2 Nagas + 2 Axethrowers + 2 Barrelriders + 1 Corpse Explode spell.

The 20th Daily Duel video pits 1 Genie + 4 Shamshir Soldiers + 4 Sand Witches + 1 Desert Stalker + the Mirage spell against 1 Helga + 3 Nagas + 4 Master Chefs + 1 Eletric Elder + 1 Freyja’s Blessing spell.

Swords & Soldiers II (Wii U eShop) is available right now in Europe and North America!

Source: Ronimo Games


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