Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: all the details, pictures, videos, etc. from the official Twitter account (October 2018)

For Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, Masahiro Sakurai himself shared new screenshots and details via Miiverse. We actually got a fair amount of brand new details about the games, including some that were not even mentioned in the various presentations (Nintendo Direct, E3, etc.). And for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, it looks like we’re getting daily updates on the official Super Smash Bros. account, in Japan.

It’s not clear if the tweets are from Masahiro Sakurai himself, or if they will be officially translated in English for the Nintendo of Europe and America Twitter accounts, though. In any case, we’re going to gather all the details, screenshots, and videos shared on the official Twitter account on this page, so you can find it all in one place (for convenience purposes)!

In this post, you will find all the updates for October 2018!

October 31st

Today’s fighter is Rosalina and Luma. Luma mimicks Rosalina’s attacks, and also increases her reach. He can also take a hit for her, but if she ends up hit, then he will get very flustered and flutter with both hands.

Rosalina and Luma first appeared in Super Mario Galaxy, originally released back in 2007. Rosalina is a mysterious woman who goes on journey through space in order to find the mother of a Luma.

October 30th

Today’s stage is Living Room, based on the nintendogs series. A total of 5 different puppies and a cat appear in the background… just be careful not to get hit by the falling blocks while looking at their antics!

October 29th

Zero Suit Samus isn’t quite as powerful as Samus, but she totally makes up for that lack of power with exceptional speed. Her Paralyzer is quite the versatile weapon: not only can it stun opponents, it can also turn a whip. Her Final Smash sees her don her suit and fire a powerful laser.

October 26th

Today’s Assist Trophy is Nikki, the cute host of the Swapnote app on Nintendo 3DS. Don’t be fooled by her drawings: they may look very cute, but they also deal lots of damage!

October 25th

Today’s fighter is Pac-Man, who appears both in his classic form and his “modern” one (with hands and legs). He can use some really unique moves that involves a trampoline and even a fire hydrant. His Final Smash sees him grow into a giant Super Pac-Man, before chomping and launching any opponents on his path.

Pac-Man first appeared on a Nintendo console with Pac-Man, originally released back in 1984 in Japan. In this game, you have to eat all the Pac-Dots on the board while avoiding ghosts, though if you grab the Power Pellets, you can also gobble them up. By the way, Guinness World Records awarded Pac-Man the record for Most Successful Coin-Operated Game!

October 24th

This week’s music track is “Lost Painting”, from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. It was arranged by Tetsuya Shibata, from Unique Note.

And this week’s stage is Green Hill Zone. Fans of the Sonic series know that concave landscape and the blue Point Marker pretty well, as those are two iconic elements of 2D sonic games. Speaking of that Point Marker, it twirls when the ball is hit, and it deals damage to anyone standing nearby. You also need to be careful with the ground: it can collapse after being attacked!

October 23rd

Today’s item is another Pokémon: Ditto! If you throw a Poké Ball and Ditto comes out of it, it transforms into the fighter you’re playing as. When transformed, it has the exact same abilities as you!

October 22nd

Today’s fighter is Luigi, who can jump higher than Mario. If you want to deal as much damage as possible and get the maximum amount of launching power when using his Up Special, the Super Jump Punch, you have to make it so you hit your opponent right at the start. For his throw, he uses his new Poltergust!

Luigi’s first appeared in Mario Bros., originally released on 1983, but it wasn’t until 2001 and Luigi’s Mansion that he finally starred in his own video game. Speaking of Luigi’s Mansion, the 3rd entry in the series is coming to the Nintendo Switch next year!

October 18th

Today’s fighter is Palutena, who can cover a wide range thanks to her wings and staff. She can create a ranged attack in almost every direction (except directly beneath her) using her up smash, neutral special, and side special. She’s THE character to pick if you want to keep the pressure on your opponents from a distance!

October 17th and 18th

This week’s music track is “Flash Man Stage” from Mega Man 2, arranged by Keiichi Okabe:

This week’s stage is Green Greens, inspired by Kirby’s Dream Land. Whispy Woods blows wind to the sides, and also drops apples. You can grab those to recover some health, or instead throw them at your opponents. An apple a day keeps Doctor Mario at bay!

And today’s fighter is Cloud, the protagonist of Final Fantasy VII. In this game, you can select his outfit from Advent Children. By charging up his Limit Gauge, you can increase his special move abilities, and land powerful hits!

October 16th

Today’s item is another Pokémon: Marshadow. It can hide in the shadows, and when it finds its target, it emerges from them and deals powerful punches. If there’s multiple opponents, you need to be pretty careful: it can change its target between punches!

October 15th

Today’s fighter is Shulk, who can change his status during battle to make sure that he’s always really feeling it. His sword, the Monado, isn’t just any old sword: it allows him to switch between five modes: Jump, Speed, Shield, Buster, and Smash. Those change his abilities for a short time. One of Shulk’s colour variation has him wearing a pair of swimming trunks!

Shulk first apepared in Xenoblade Chronicles, originally released in 2010 in Japan, on the Wii. In this game, he can use the power of the Manado to see visions of the near future, and use them to protect his friends.

October 12th

Today’s fighter is Greninja. It looks like a (frog) ninja, and it also battles like a ninja with moves like the Water Shuriken or a log used for counterattacks… it can even stick to walls! Ash-Greninja, a special form of that Pokémon, also appears in the game in its Final Smash!

Greninja first appeared in Pokémon X and Y, which was released exactly 5 years ago on Nintendo 3DS (on October 12th, 2013). It’s the final evolution of Froakie, one of the three starters, and it excels at ninjutsu. Did you know? The “scarf” around its neck is actually… its tongue!

October 10th and 11th

This week’s music track is “Id (Purpose)” (from Fire Emblem Awakening), arranged by Takeshi Kuramochi!

This week’s stage is the Boxing Ring. Thanjs to the ringside rope, you can jump really high: try to use that to your advantage during battle! Also, you can actually attack the lights on the ceiling, and it looks like something will happen when you do so. On the stage select screen, holding down the L button when selecting this stage turns it into the Punch-Out!! version!

And today’s item is another Assist Trophy: Zero, from the Mega Man series. He uses his learned moves to wreak havoc on stage.

October 9th

Today’s fighter is Dr. Mario, who actually has more attack and launch power than Mario. However, his jump and recovery are not as good, though you can repeatedly press the B button when using his own special (Dr. Tornado) to float a bit.

October 8th

Today’s fighter is Wii Fit Trainer, definitely the healthiest of the bunch! They use “healthy” moves like stretching and various yoga poses. In fact, one of them is so “healthy”, it allows you to recover a little bit of health when charging it (Sun Salutation). Just like in Wii Fit, you can pick between the male and female versions of the Wii Fit Trainer.

Wii Fit Trainer first appeared in Wii Fit, released back in 2007 on the Wii. In that game, it plays the role of a fitness coach, guiding the player. By the way, the Balance Board that came with the game could also be used as a scale!

October 5th

Today’s item is another Pokémon: Mimikyu. It grabs opponents and drag them below its cloth, where it gives them a serious beating. While they’re being dragged away to their doom, opponents simply cannot do anything… no escape is possible! If their total amount of damage goes over 100%, then the final hit will send them flying… an instant KO!

October 3rd and 4th

This week’s music track is “Afternoon on the Island”, from Tomodachi Life, arranged by Masafumi Takada!

This week’s stage is Saffron City, based on the city from Pokémon Red Version and Pokémon Blue Version. Various Pokémon appear from the doorway at the center of the stage, and you need to be pretty careful if you don’t want to end in trouble… especially when Electrode appears!

And the latest Fighter is none other than Fox, who can overwhelm his opponents with his quick movements and his specials (which don’t leave him open for counterattacks). In this game, his costume and voice match his appearance in Star Fox Zero.

Fox first appeared in Star Fox, released back in 1993 on the SNES. In this game, he’s the leader of the mercenary group known as Star Fox, and he cares a lot about its members. He also happens to have a strong sense of justice. Star Fox was the very first game on the SNES to feature 3D graphics.

October 2nd

Today’s fighter is Sheik, who dons the Sheikah costume from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in this game. Using his speedy dash, you can keep the pressure on your opponents by quickling closing in on them. Alternatively, you can use that dash of his to get away from them as fast as possible!

Sheik first appeared in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, released in 1998 on Nintendo 64. In this game, he uses his harp to teach Link various melodies. By the way, in Japan, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was offered on disc as pre-order bonus for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time back in 2002!

October 1st

Today’s item is another Assist Trophy: Kapp’n! When called on stage, he hops on a bus and drivers around the stage. If you get hit, you’re forcefully put into the bus and driven off the stage!

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