Super Mario Run: what you can do before/after purchasing All Worlds

With Super Mario Run, Nintendo went with an unusual pricing scheme: you can download the app for free, play some of the content for free, and then pay to access the rest of the game. But it looks like Nintendo might not have communicated enough on that aspect, and so the company opened two special pages on the official website.

Those pages detail what you can do before AND after purchasing All Worlds:


In the “free version” of Super Mario Run, you only have access to Level 1-1 to 1-3 (with a bit of 1-4). But just clearing those levels isn’t the end: you can also try to get the pink, purple, and black coins. Anyone who has played the game will tell you that getting those pesky black coins is no easy task… yes, even in Level 1-1!

You can also play Toad Rally, using tickets gained in World Tour (by completing the coloured coins challenges) and Kingdom Builder (by playing the bonus mini-games).

Finally, you can build your own Kingdom in Kingdom Builder, using the coins obtained in World Tour and the Toad gathered in Toad Rally.


Buying All Worlds allows you to get access to all the levels in World Tour, complete with their pink, purple, and black coins challenges. Also, you can unlock Peach by clearing Level 6-4! You also get access to all the courses for Toad Rally (8 types of them, with Blue, Green, Purple and Yellow Toads coming to cheer you).

With the help of those new coloured Toads, you can even more types of buildings, and you have access to more decorations. What’s more, you can use the Rainbow Road to extend your Kingdom.

Finally, you can place special building to unlock new playable characters: Luigi (who can jump higher), Yoshi (who can Flutter Jump), and Toadette (makes it easier to win in Toad Rally).

Source: Nintendo


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