Super Mario Odyssey sells over 510 000 units during launch week-end in Japan

Yesterday, during the latest meeting with investors, Nintendo revealed that Super Mario Odyssey had sold over 2 million units during the first 3 days. But that data is for all regions where the game was launched, combined. The company didn’t provide separate data for each region (Japan, North America, Europe, others…), but thanks to Famitsu, we now have data for one of them!

Famitsu just announced that Super Mario Odyssey sold pretty well during its opening week-end in Japan: 511 625 units, to be precise. That impressive number includes sales of the stand-alone edition at retail, but also the Nintendo Switch bundle, and download cards. Unfortunately, it doesn’t include digital sales from the Nintendo eShop, which means total sales for the launch week-end are even higher than 511 625 units.

Super Mario Odyssey is the second highest debut for a Nintendo Switch game, following Splatoon and its impressive 671 000 units sold in 3 days. It’s also the third best debut for a Super Mario game, just behind New Super Mario Bros. Wii (936 734 units) and New Super Mario Bros. (865 024 units).

But it’s not just Super Mario Odyssey that sold well: the Nintendo Switch also did. According to Famitsu, it sold no less than 133 094 units last week, which makes it the best week for the console since the launch of Splatoon 2, back in July. While Famitsu does not provide a sales breakdown, there’s no doubt one of the reasons Super Mario Odyssey had such a good launch week is because of the Nintendo Switch bundle.

Speaking of the Nintendo Switch, it’s now sold over 2 million units in Japan alone: 2 041 221 to be precise.

Source: Famitsu
Extra data by: Game Data Library


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