Super Mario Odyssey getting Balloon World mini-game next month

Super Mario Odyssey, like all 3D Mario titles, is a pretty meaty game. It offers dozens of hours of gameplay, with many levels to complete, literally hundreded of Power Moons to find, so many coins to collect, some mini-games, tons of outfits, and so much more. And next month, a free Software update is add even more content to the game.

First of all, we have a brand new mini-game called Balloon World. This game is made of two game modes, that both revolves around Balloons:

  • Hide It: you have to hide a balloon in one of the many Kingdoms, but you only have a limited amount of time to do so. Try to look for places that no one else will find, which is something you can start doing right away while waiting for the update!
  • Find It: you have to find the various balloons hidden all around the many Kingdoms, hidden by other players in the Hide It mode. Once again, you only have a limited amount of time (the same as in Hide It Mode) to find balloons.

The best part? There’s also online leaderboards, that only the most skilled balloon hiders and finders will be able to climb! By the way, in order to access Balloon World, you will first need to beat the game.

But that’s not all: the Software update will also add new Snapshot Mode filters, as well as new outfits.

Here’s the trailer / footage from the Nintendo Direct Mini, as well as some pictures:

More details about the Super Mario Odyssey updates can be found on this page!

Source: Nintendo



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