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Super Mario Maker: new update available (Ver. 1.41)

Super Mario MakerLast week, Nintendo released a new update for Super Mario Maker (Ver. 1.40), which added quite a few elements such as keys or spiked pillars. And today, barely a week later, Nintendo released yet another Software update for the game: Ver. 1.41. Since it comes so soon after the previous one, it’s no wonder it doesn’t add any new features.

Unfortunately, Nintendo is still as talkative as ever as it comes to the contents of the update, but we do know the update includes the usual “adjustments made for a more pleasant gaming experience”. What this update does is most likely replace the Japanese text for the Wolf Link amiibo with something most people living outside Japan would be able to read.

Here’s the “changelog” for this new Software update for Super Mario Maker (Ver 1.41):

  • Adjustments have been made for a more pleasant gaming experience

The update requires 362MB of free space on your Wii U or HDD. To download it, you have two options:

  • let the Wii U do its thing if you have automatic downloads activated. You should have the latest version downloaded and installed the next time you turn on your console;
  • if not, you can launch Super Mario Maker from the Home Menu (not the Quick Start Menu), in order to trigger the update download manually.

To check that you have the latest version installed (which is required to use the online features), simply launch the game. You should see ‘Ver. 1.41’ at the bottom right of the title screen:

Super Mario Maker 1.41Source: Nintendo


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