Super Mario Maker: last SUP-tember episode for Nintendo Minute, more

Nintendo Minute

Yesterday evening, Nintendo of America uploaded the latest episode of Nintendo Minute (a special), which is also the last episode from the Super Mario Maker SUP-tember series. One last time, Kit and Krysta look at some of their favorite fan-made levels in Super Mario Maker!

Super Mario Maker SUP-tember powers ahead as we check out even more great levels we’ve found while playing the game. Thank you for making such fun and creative levels! If you’re interested in playing these stages, here are the level ID’s for each:

1. The Great Bomb Migration: 65EC-0000-0021-1BD2
2. Moving Mushrooms: 9924-0000-000F-67F8
3. BOO!: A6CC-0000-0023-F19A
4. Flying Buzzy Beetle Castle: 60FF-0000-0026-3C2F

We’ll be back next Wednesday with our final Super Mario Maker SUP-tember video. Remember when a while back we asked about the crazy things you’d like to see in a level? We’ll be making a level based on your suggestions! Hope to see you again then, and have a great weekend!

-Kit & Krysta

Here’s the latest episode of Nintendo Minute:

Head after the break for another video and some delicious Mario-themed lunchboxes!

Next, we have a video showing Takashi Tezuka, Yosuke Oshino (Director) and Yoshikazu Yamashita (Senior Director) playing a video made by two French YouTubers:

Finally, here’s some Super Mario Bros. 30th Anniversary themed bento (or lunchboxes), filled with traditional New Year food. Unfortunately, their price is quite hefty… 27 000 Yen (roughly 200€ / 224$ / 147£) for the whole set. Click here if you live in Japan and want to place an order (or if you’re simply curious!).

Source: Famitsu



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