Super Bomberman R: details, pictures and video for Ver. 2.0.0

Today, Konami released a major Software update for Super Bomberman R, that includes all the content that was announced during the stage presentation at the Tokyo Game Show 2017… and much more! You can find the official patch notes for that update on the Super Bomberman R Updates page.

First, we have the Grand Prix Battle Mode. Each battle is played in 2 rounds, and it’s the team with the most points at the end that wins. Also, each character has different power-ups, in order to spice things up a bit. That being said, they can equip a cartridge to gain features and special abilities of other characters.

There are various changes compared to other game modes. For example, when you lose a life, you don’t turn into a Miso Bomb: you are ressurected after a certain amount of time. Also, soft blocks start falling after a little while.

There’s two types of rules to choose from in Grand Prix mode:

  • Crystal: you have to collect crystals
  • Basic Bomber: you have to defeat the opponent team to earn points

Finally, you connect up to 6 Nintendo Switch consoles in order to play Grand Prix mode in multiplayer.

Here’s the preface video for that new mode:

As for the new characters, there’s 10 of them… more than what was initially announced!

  • Option Bomber – A;
  • Option Bomber – B;
  • Reiko Bomber (from Rumble Roses). Her skill is called Guts Shield, which can protect her from bomb blasts and opponents;
  • Shiori Fujisaki Bomber
  • Jehuty Bomber (from Zone of the Enders). His skill is called Zero Shift α, and it allows him to warp to the nearest opponent within a 8 squares radius in front of him;
  • Anubis Bomber (from Zone of the Enders). His skill is called Zero Shift β, and it allows him to switch places with the nearest player (ally or foe, it seems!) within a 8 squares radius in front of him;
  • Dracula Bomber;
  • Princess Tomato Bomber;
  • Bubble Head Bomber;
  • Goemon Bomber.

Thought that’s all this update has to offer? Wrong, there’s still more! First, we have a brand new world for Story Mode, called Bomber Planet World.

Konami also went and added two new Battle Stages for Standard Mode:

  • Nine Areas
  • Critical Path

Finally, some more accessories have been added:

  • Starry Sky Solar System Series
  • Crab Series
  • Castlevania Series
  • Gradius Series
  • Silent Hill Series
  • Rumble Roses Series
  • Tokimeki Memorial Series
  • Mystical Ninja Series

Here’s some screenshots for the additonal content:

Source: Konami



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