Super Bomberman R to get new playable characters (with new skills), new game mode, more

Konami is one of the third-party publishers that decided to bet on the success of the Nintendo Switch. They released Super Bomberman R along with the console, and it’s been pretty successful with over 500 000 units shipped worldwide. The company is supporting it with additional content, such as additional stages and playable characters.

It’s been a while since the last update, but it looks like Konami isn’t quite done with the game. Last week, during the Tokyo Game Show, they announced that the game was getting some more content “soon”:

  • a new game mode called Grand Prix.

It revolves around two key elements: a new rule, and the special skills of the characters. It allows you to take part in strategic battles with up to 6 players (in 3 vs 3 teams). The new rule is called “Crystal”, and as the name implies, it has the two teams fight over the crystals scattered all over the stage.

To get crystals, you can either grab them directly in the stage… or steal them from your opponents, who drop them when hit by the blast of a bomb. As you can imagine, team work is key in order to secure victory.

  • not one, but three new playable characters:
  1. Reiko Hinomoto (from Rumble Roses). Her skill is called Guts Shield, which can protect her from bomb blasts and opponents;
  2. Jehuty (from Zone of the Enders). His skill is called Zero Shift α, and it allows him to warp to the nearest opponent within a 8 squares radius in front of him;
  3. Anubis (from Zone of the Enders). His skill is called Zero Shift β, and it allows him to switch places with the nearest player (ally or foe, it seems!) within a 8 squares radius in front of him.

Finally, Konami announced that the soundtrack album for Super Bomberman R would be released sometime in December!

Here’s some pictures for the new mode and the new characters:

Any additional details about the upcoming update(s) will be added to this post!

Source: Konami



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