Story of Seasons: tutorial video #1 (character customisation and relationships)

Yesterday evening, XSEED uploaded the very first tutorial video for Story of Season (the new entry in the original Harvest Moon series). This first video introduces two major elements of the game: character customisation and relationships. It starts by explaining that the game includes 2 difficulty modes:

– normal (same difficulty as in the Japanese version)
– seedling (new mode, with less stamina usage)

For your character, you have the choice between male and female, and with lots of customisation options (skin colour, face, hair colour, eye colour and more). Of course, you can give it a name, and you can chose his or her birthday.

They also introduces several characters, that you can marry in the game:

– Fritz, the Farmer
– Mistel, the Antique Peddler
– Raeger, the Chef
– Nadi, the Gardener
– Klaus, the Perfumer
– Agate, the Park Ranger
– Angela, the Nurse
– Elise, the Rich Girl
– Iris, the Writer
– Lillie, the Weather Girl

Without further ado, here’s the first tutorial video for Story of Season:

Story of Seasons (3DS) comes out on March 31st in North America.

Source: XSEED



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