Story of Seasons: localisation blog post #7, new screenshots

With less than a month until release in North America (on March 31st), XSEED is still going with their localisation blog for Story of Season (Bokujou Monogatari). Today, it’s Danielle’s turn (the in-house Q/A tester) to talk about the localisation, and she tells us that Q/A testing can be a tad more extensive than you might think.

Here’s the first thing she was tasked with:

Right off the bat, I was given a Google Doc comprised of the entire Story of Seasons script. All of it. All 35,849 lines.

Throughout the testing, any time I’d encounter a new line, I’d look it up on the Google Doc and mark it as pass or fail based on grammar, spelling, context, and/or whether or not there were any text overages.  Incidentally, with each line passed or failed, you’d have to sign off in the relevant spreadsheet cell with your name and date. Anytime someone asked me what day something happened, I knew. Although it did get to the point where my name stopped looking like a word.

She also talks about the Conquest system, one of the new features of Story of Seasons, and about Elise (who doesn’t really fit in to the “hard-working, down-to-earth farmer” archetype… quite the opposite!). If you want to read more about it, you can click here!

This new blog post is also a way for us to get several new screenshots for the game:

Story of Season (3DS) comes out on March 31st in North America.

Source: XSEED


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