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Splatoon: some gameplay footage from PAX East 2015

Splatoon is one of the games playable on Nintendo’s booth at PAX East this week-end, which means only one thing for those who can’t attend… more gameplay videos! Unfortunately, it’s the exact same build as the one used at E3 2014 (which was also at the  Game Party Japan 2015 last month), so if you’ve already watched lots of videos from E3 2014 and the other events where the game was playable, there is little point in watching more… unless you really can’t wait until May and need to watch every second of Splatoon available now!

IGN got two videos: a gameplay video, and another one where two journalists from the site talk about the game, and more specifically the importance of mobility.

Splatoon (Wii U) comes out in May, worldwide.


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