Splatoon: the 11th Splatfest takes place next week worldwide (Pokémon)

Splatfest are special 24 hour long events that take place regularly in Splatoon. During those, players have to answer a question (like “Do you prefer cats or dogs?”), before joining a team depending on their answer and. At the end of each Splatfest, the team with the most points win, based on popularity and number of battles won.

Today, Nintendo announced that the 11th Splatfest would take place next week. Unlike the previous one, it will happen simulatenously in Japan, Europe, and North America. What’s more, the theme is exactly the same: “Pokémon Red Version or Pokémon Blue Version (Europe/North America) / Pokémon Green Version (Japan)?”

The reason the theme is slightly different in Japan is because the Green Version was only released in that country. It came out at the same time as the Red Version, and the Blue Version was released several months later with various improvements. It’s on this version that the Red and Blue Versions released in the West were based on, and it wasn’t until the GBA remakes that the Green Version was released in Europe and North America.

Check out below for the starting time in each region!


Splatfest EU 11In Europe, it will start on February 20th, at:

  • Europe: 5AM
  • UK: 4AM
  • North America (ET): 11PM (February 19th)
  • North America (PT): 8PM (February 19th)
  • Japan: 1PM

North America

Splatfest EU 11In North America, it will start on February 19th at:

  • Europe: 7AM (February 20th)
  • UK: 6AM (February 20th)
  • North America (ET): 1AM (February 20th)
  • North America (PT): 10PM
  • Japan: 3PM (February 20th)


Splatfest JP 11In Japan, it will start on February 20th at:

  • Europe: 10PM (February 19th)
  • UK: 9PM (February 19th)
  • North America (ET): 4PM
  • North America (PT): 1PM
  • Japan: 6AM

Source: Nintendo



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